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How To Remove Hard Water With A Pumice Stone

Pumie Scouring Stick Removing Hard Water Toilet

Hard Water Removal from Toilet (Video At End)

In this video I show you how to remove hard water spots from your toilet with a pumice stone. No chemicals lingering around to negatively impact your health.

After answering this question on Angie's List and posting the video, one person commented saying that a pumice stone is the "WORST" thing you can use in a toilet. They pointed to the potential for scratching and gouging--which does exist. However--and I can't stress this enough--if you use it properly, keep it wet, and apply light even pressure you should be fine (particularly when using on real porcelain as opposed to a light porcelain / enamel-like coating.

Since I felt compelled to respond and further explain my position, my response was as follows:

"The classification as "WORST" recommendation is an extremely subjective one and does not apply in this case. However, I do concur with LCD to an extent. I don't own nor represent Pumie. I'm simply providing a non-toxic solution as opposed to offering a chemical laden approach.

If pumice stone is used improperly (i.e. not keeping it wet), then for sure you will have scratches all over the place. However, used properly, the porcelain surface (if truly porcelain) will survive scratch free. Any enamel coated surface will not be able to stand up to the pumice

If you are one to use chemicals to rectify cleaning situations, then by all means go ahead and poison the air the you breathe. Hopefully you don't suffer from any respiratory issues or have an allergic reaction to the chemicals you are treating with, have little kids that may play in the bathroom too much, or have any pets that drink out of the toilet.

Any chemical cleaner in your toilet is going to do a few things:

- interact with other chemicals in your water

- leave behind VOCs for several days

- most will contain a bleaching element which will simply turn colors "translucent" rather than actually remove what's on the surface. This means solid buildup happens faster and you have to clean it more frequently. Cleaning more frequently with chemicals places you at further risk of suffering from their effects.

Pick your poison (pun intended) or simply use the pumice stone properly."

The full comment thread can be found here.

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