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Las Vegas Baby Magazine

Las Vegas Baby Magazine

Las Vegas Baby Magazine is a great resource for local families to find great, in-depth articles, tips, reviews, events and more. Tiffany and Oliver Mitchell are the founders of the magazine and also good people. They truly care about the Las Vegas community and are working to create a powerful resource for parents here in the valley. For these reasons, Germz Be Gone is proud to be their baby gear service provider.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas Baby Magazine headquarters and clean a car seat, stroller and high chair for them. Tiffany recorded the following:

After scheduling your service or ordering your products on this site, be sure to check out Las Vegas Baby Magazine.

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If You Ever Needed A Reason To Stop Using Chemical Cleaners This Is It

smoking equals chemicals cleaners

Using Chemical Cleaners Is Like Smoking 20 Cigarettes A Day

A newer study, by the University of Bergen in Norway, finds chemical cleaners are as hazardous to your health as smoking cigarettes. The cleaners tend to affect women more so than men. Either way there is cause for serious concern. If you ever needed an evidence-based reason to stop using chemical cleaners this is it.

The study found that women working as cleaners or often using chemical cleaning sprays for 20 years saw a decline in lung function equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes per day over the same period (that’s a pretty heavy smoker). Furthermore, they were 40% more likely to develop asthma.

chart showing how chemical cleaners are bad for your breathing

The lead author of the study, Øistein Svanes, was surprised by the findings at first, but later said, “When you think of inhaling small particles from cleaning agents that are meant for cleaning the floor and not your lungs, maybe it is not so surprising after all.”

He further went on to say something profound and that all people should hear and believe:

“The take home message of this study is that in the long run cleaning chemicals very likely cause rather substantial damage to your lungs.

“These chemicals are usually unnecessary; microfibre cloths and water are more than enough for most purposes.” 

You already know smoking is extremely harmful–especially to those in their early childhood years. Now that you know using chemical cleaners is just as harmful as smoking, will you finally make the switch to non-toxic cleaners?

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Asthma Sufferer? Try Probiotics For Natural Relief

allergy relief with probiotics

Suffering from allergies? Probiotics may help.

Probiotics are great at cleaning. However, they also work great in purifying the air you breathe. For asthma and allergy sufferers that means major benefits!

The University of Florida released a study in 2017 stating that taking “a probiotic combination might help reduce hay fever symptoms, if it’s taken during allergy season.” The probiotics they mention are meant to be consumed in pill form. However, similar probiotics and science can be applied to your external environment.

Probiotics are beneficial microflora that already exist in your environment. When applied as a fine mist or fog, probiotics can establish and maintain a stable and healthy microbial community on hard surfaces and fabrics.

Probiotic Allergy Relief

The beauty in the probiotics is that they reduce allergic reactions in your body. This saves your immune system from having to constantly work on trivial intrusions and allows it to focus on more sinister threats rather than trigger an allergic reaction.

Dr. Noah Lee of Midland Medical Clinic in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, attested to this in a 2010 in-house study stating spraying probiotics in patient rooms “provides a significant reduction in allergic reactions, thus resting the immune systems of our patients and allowing them to get the rest they so badly need.”

If you’re looking for something to help with your asthma or allergies and want a natural solution try our Probiotic Shield Service. We apply the same probiotics Dr. Lee applies in patient rooms, but to your home, office, gym or anywhere else non-toxic allergy relief is desired.

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Top 4 Natural Allergy Relief Remedies

Top 4 Natural Ways to Fight Allergies

Staying healthy during the holidays is a goal most people have. Too often though allergies take their toll on your immune system making way for the cold or flu virus to get you sick. To improve your health this winter, here are four natural ways to combat allergies:

  • Dust – Dusting is an underrated task. Dusting can be done quickly throughout your home by wiping horizontal surfaces with a microfiber cloth. Be sure to get the blinds and behind your tv too! It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
  • Vacuum – This one may seem obvious, but most people rarely vacuum daily (if at all). Over time, all kinds of dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, dead skin cells–you name it–make their way into your carpets, rugs, hard floors and sofas. It is critical to keep these areas vacuumed as frequently as possible to prevent a buildup of allergens in your home. NEVER use a broom if you can help it! Brooms just kick up allergens and trigger allergic symptoms. Vacuuming with a HEPA filter vacuum will trap those allergens so you can dispose of them rather than breathe them in.
  • Open Your Windows – I know it’s cold outside and heating costs money, but fresh air does a body good. Just a few minutes a day is all it takes. Some may argue, “but I’d be letting in allergens like pollen and dust from the outside.” To that I would agree, but I would also add that a higher concentration of allergens to “stale” air is more detrimental to your health than a lower concentration of allergens to fresh air. Plus, you would also be letting in beneficial microorganisms like probiotic bacteria that would help combat allergens and pathogens in your home.
  • Probiotic Shield – Did someone say “Probiotics?” Yes that’s right! Germz Be Gone’s Probiotic Shield is on the cutting edge of allergy relief. Similar to the probiotics found in yogurt, these micro-protectors can be applied to your home environment to actually eat up allergens on surfaces and in the air. What’s more, probiotics also fight germs to help in your quest for better health while also providing protection for up to several days. You can purchase a bottle of these natural superheroes here or, if you live in the Las Vegas area, you can opt for our Probiotic Shield Service where we apply probiotics to your entire home. Either way, I highly recommend you add probiotics to your natural allergy fighting arsenal.

Buy Probiotic Shield & Experience The Benefits

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Flu Vaccine Advocate or Opponent? Use This Checklist

flu vaccine for your home

Las Vegas Flu Vaccine For Your Home

It’s that time of year again in Las Vegas…the weather cools off, air gets drier, lips get chapped, schools are back in session and your child gets sick. Sometimes illnesses like the flu can spread through a class or school or office very quickly. No matter if you are an advocate or opponent of the flu vaccine, to protect your family, I’ve listed several items and areas to clean and sanitize in your home life and help reduce the chances of getting sick. Consider it a kind of flu vaccine for your home.

I’ve categorized what to clean by which appliances or tools to use. This may help you lump tasks together, speeding up the time to completion. The categories are: Dishwasher, Spray & Wipe, Washer/dryer and Other Tools.

Remember to use natural cleaners since they work and won’t have lasting negative side effects. Cleaners like probiotics or vinegar work well. Microfiber should be used wherever possible. If you have anything to add to the list feel free to comment below. Happy cleaning!

Clean Like A Vaccine


The dishwasher can use hotter water than what you can handle yourself. This helps in sanitizing hard surfaces like blocks and legos not just your dishes:

  • blocks/legos
  • cupholders from car seats or strollers
  • action figures
  • other hard surfaces that can handle heat and water

Spray & Wipe

I recommend a probiotic cleaner since it works better than chemicals, is all natural, organic, hypoallergenic and reduces ATP for several days. You really want to get areas where your child would touch often. It’s important here to think or see on a child’s level. Literally get down to their level and think about what you might touch to hoist yourself up onto something or swing from.

  • car door handles – where your child would grab to get in.
  • back of front seats – where your child would kick or place their feet.
  • door knobs and rails
  • cell phones and tablets
  • remote controls
  • refrigerator door and handles
  • countertops
  • tabletops
  • chairs – where people would grab to move it out to sit in.
  • trashcan including lid
  • bathroom sink and faucet handles
  • toilet handles and seats


Your washing machine can do a great job of cleaning things that are used everyday, but not thought of as needing to be cleaned (everything needs to be cleaned). A mild, plant-based detergent is enough for all jobs. I recommend to hang or air dry most items so they don’t shrink or lose too much of their form. Besides the sun’s rays will help disinfect and deodorize naturally:

  • backpack
  • lunchbag
  • shoes
  • sheets
  • sofa or couch – depending on material and configuration you may unzip the cushion cover and place in the wash then hang to dry.
  • toys – depending on the material

Other Tools Required:

  • child car seat – steam clean first, then probiotic spray & wipe with microfiber cloth.
  • carpet – use a HEPA filter vacuum to avoid spewing allergens into the air. Allergens can wreak havoc on your immune system weakening it for more sinister germs to infect.
  • floor – mop with probiotic cleaner and a microfiber mop head. Be cautious to change the pads often to avoid cross-room contamination.

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