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Flu Vaccine Advocate or Opponent? Use This Checklist

flu vaccine for your home

Las Vegas Flu Vaccine For Your Home

It’s that time of year again in Las Vegas…the weather cools off, air gets drier, lips get chapped, schools are back in session and your child gets sick. Sometimes illnesses like the flu can spread through a class or school or office very quickly. No matter if you are an advocate or opponent of the flu vaccine, to protect your family, I’ve listed several items and areas to clean and sanitize in your home life and help reduce the chances of getting sick. Consider it a kind of flu vaccine for your home.

I’ve categorized what to clean by which appliances or tools to use. This may help you lump tasks together, speeding up the time to completion. The categories are: Dishwasher, Spray & Wipe, Washer/dryer and Other Tools.

Remember to use natural cleaners since they work and won’t have lasting negative side effects. Cleaners like probiotics or vinegar work well. Microfiber should be used wherever possible. If you have anything to add to the list feel free to comment below. Happy cleaning!

Clean Like A Vaccine


The dishwasher can use hotter water than what you can handle yourself. This helps in sanitizing hard surfaces like blocks and legos not just your dishes:

  • blocks/legos
  • cupholders from car seats or strollers
  • action figures
  • other hard surfaces that can handle heat and water

Spray & Wipe

I recommend a probiotic cleaner since it works better than chemicals, is all natural, organic, hypoallergenic and reduces ATP for several days. You really want to get areas where your child would touch often. It’s important here to think or see on a child’s level. Literally get down to their level and think about what you might touch to hoist yourself up onto something or swing from.

  • car door handles – where your child would grab to get in.
  • back of front seats – where your child would kick or place their feet.
  • door knobs and rails
  • cell phones and tablets
  • remote controls
  • refrigerator door and handles
  • countertops
  • tabletops
  • chairs – where people would grab to move it out to sit in.
  • trashcan including lid
  • bathroom sink and faucet handles
  • toilet handles and seats


Your washing machine can do a great job of cleaning things that are used everyday, but not thought of as needing to be cleaned (everything needs to be cleaned). A mild, plant-based detergent is enough for all jobs. I recommend to hang or air dry most items so they don’t shrink or lose too much of their form. Besides the sun’s rays will help disinfect and deodorize naturally:

  • backpack
  • lunchbag
  • shoes
  • sheets
  • sofa or couch – depending on material and configuration you may unzip the cushion cover and place in the wash then hang to dry.
  • toys – depending on the material

Other Tools Required:

  • child car seat – steam clean first, then probiotic spray & wipe with microfiber cloth.
  • carpet – use a HEPA filter vacuum to avoid spewing allergens into the air. Allergens can wreak havoc on your immune system weakening it for more sinister germs to infect.
  • floor – mop with probiotic cleaner and a microfiber mop head. Be cautious to change the pads often to avoid cross-room contamination.

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