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The Importance of Regularly Cleaning Your Child's Car Seat

As a parent, your top priority is keeping your child safe at all times. One important aspect of child safety that is often overlooked is the cleanliness of your child's car seat.

Car seats can quickly become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, especially if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. Spills, leaks, and messes can easily go unnoticed in the crevices and cracks of a car seat, leading to odors, stains, and potentially even health risks.

But it's not just spills and leaks that can make car seats dirty. Your child's car seat is also subjected to a variety of other contaminants, including sweat, food crumbs, and even car exhaust fumes. All of these can accumulate over time, creating a potentially unhealthy environment for your child.

Cleaning your child's car seat on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for them. It's also a good idea to deep clean your car seat at least once a year, or more often if it gets especially dirty.

There are a few different options for cleaning your child's car seat. You can try using a mild detergent and warm water to spot clean any visible stains or messes. For a deeper clean, you can also use a car seat cleaning solution specifically designed for use on child safety seats.

If you're not comfortable cleaning your child's car seat yourself, or if you don't have the time, there are also professional car seat cleaning services that can do the job for you (like Germz Be Gone). These services use specialized equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect your child's car seat, ensuring that it is as clean and safe as possible.

In conclusion, it is important for parents to prioritize the regular cleaning of their child's car seat in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for their little one. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional service, taking the time to keep your child's car seat clean is an important aspect of responsible parenting.

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$20 off special baby car seat cleaning


New parents often ask me how often they should get their child's car seat cleaned and sanitized. While we at Germz Be Gone would love for people to have their child's car seat cleaned every day, we know that's not practical nor necessary. The answer depends on many factors, but I've come up with a basic guide for you to use and share with your friends who have kids too.

From what I've observed, the cleanliness of a child's car seat depends on their age. For instance, a newborn is not going to have gummies stuck in their seat, but they may have an explosive diaper and such. On the other end, a five year old shouldn't have an explosive diaper, but their car seat will have plenty of crumbs and small toys hidden in its crevices.

So really, a child's age dictates which activities are taking place in their car seat and, in turn, how often cleaning should happen.

It should go without saying that ANY leakage or deposits of bodily fluids like blood, urine, vomit and poop warrant immediate and prompt attention with the appropriate cleaning solutions.

Feel free to link to this guide on all of your social media pages.

how often should you get your child's car seat cleaned and sanitized by Germz Be Gone
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Sunrise Children’s Foundation Las Vegas


Germz Be Gone will be at this weekend’s event hosted by Sunrise Children’s Foundation here in Las Vegas. This event will have food, fun and prizes. Plus we will be offering child car seat cleaning service on location for just $20. Do not miss this event! If you ever wanted to try our services and you’re in the area, be sure to wing by!

Sunrise Children’s Foundation

2795 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89121

“Sunrise Children’s Foundation programs support a myriad of critical areas focusing on optimal child development including prenatal care and breast-feeding education; infant and toddler health and development ; wellness, nutrition and health education; parent education; reading and literacy skills; and positive family relationships. SCF delivers a full scope of services from birth to five and provides a comprehensive continuum of care to ensure that children in Nevada have a chance at success.” Visit Sunrise Children’s Foundation website and learn how you can get involved.

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Pregnancy Due Date Calendar For Planning

pregnancy due date calendar

Pregnancy Due Date Calendar

Use the below pregnancy due date calendar to assist in your planning efforts.

Expanding your home by two feet and preparing for your family’s newest arrival can be a daunting task. From painting the baby’s room to putting the crib together to preparing your mind for one of the biggest changes you will face in life. Doing things right takes time and you will certainly need some help. Call your friends and family to help you paint or assemble furniture. Call Germz Be Gone when you’re ready to clean and sanitize your child’s gear before they use it.

To assist in your planning, I found an easy to use pregnancy due date calendar. Input a couple parameters, click submit, and….happy planning! Scheduling our amazing baby gear cleaning services is just as easy. Simply follow this link and choose what you need to get cleaned and sanitized.

when am I ovulating

Powered by javascript ovulation calculator
The above pregnancy due date calendar is for entertainment only. No one really knows when your baby will be introduced to the world. You should consult your doctor and complete the recommended checkups. Germz Be Gone is not a licensed healthcare organization.
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How To Remove Hard Water With A Pumice Stone

Pumie Scouring Stick Removing Hard Water Toilet

Hard Water Removal from Toilet (Video At End)

In this video I show you how to remove hard water spots from your toilet with a pumice stone. No chemicals lingering around to negatively impact your health. After watching the video be sure to pick up Pumie Scouring Stick (4PK) at Amazon today!

After answering this question on Angie’s List and posting the video, one person commented saying that a pumice stone is the “WORST” thing you can use in a toilet. They pointed to the potential for scratching and gouging–which does exist. However–and I can’t stress this enough–if you use it properly, keep it wet, and apply light even pressure you should be fine (particularly when using on real porcelain as opposed to a light porcelain / enamel-like coating.

Since I felt compelled to respond and further explain my position, my response was as follows:

“The classification as “WORST” recommendation is an extremely subjective one and does not apply in this case. However, I do concur with LCD to an extent. I don’t own nor represent Pumie. I’m simply providing a non-toxic solution as opposed to offering a chemical laden approach.

If pumice stone is used improperly (i.e. not keeping it wet), then for sure you will have scratches all over the place. However, used properly, the porcelain surface (if truly porcelain) will survive scratch free. Any enamel coated surface will not be able to stand up to the pumice

If you are one to use chemicals to rectify cleaning situations, then by all means go ahead and poison the air the you breathe. Hopefully you don’t suffer from any respiratory issues or have an allergic reaction to the chemicals you are treating with, have little kids that may play in the bathroom too much, or have any pets that drink out of the toilet.

Any chemical cleaner in your toilet is going to do a few things:

– interact with other chemicals in your water

– leave behind VOCs for several days

– most will contain a bleaching element which will simply turn colors “translucent” rather than actually remove what’s on the surface. This means solid buildup happens faster and you have to clean it more frequently. Cleaning more frequently with chemicals places you at further risk of suffering from their effects.

Pick your poison (pun intended) or simply use the pumice stone properly.”

The full comment thread can be found here.