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getting crumbs out of mesh pocket

How To Get Crumbs Out Of A Stroller's Mesh Pocket

If you own a BOB stroller or any other stroller with mesh pockets where your child sits, then you already know how crumbs get stuck in the corners. Fear not, this is how you clean those crumby corners the easy way. Say "goodbye" old, stale cheddar bunny.

Vacuum cleaner crevice tools work a little, but often suck up the side fabric before it can get to the tight corner. It's no fun sucking up wads of fabric and getting frustrated with the lack of cleaning progress.

Turning the stroller over and shaking it out doesn't help either as the elastic can be pretty tight towards the top of the pocket, not allowing debris to escape.

After several BOB stroller cleanings though, this is what I've discovered to make cleaning a BOB stroller mesh pockets much easier. It's a very simple thing really.

The Secret

Smash all the debris in the pocket into the smallest pieces you can. Small enough to fit through the mesh. Then...vacuum the crumbs through the mesh. Just hold the vacuum hose to the outside of the pocket.

It works every time.

Instead of getting frustrated with the vacuum, do this first. It will save you a bunch of frustration with the vacuum.

Happy cleaning!

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