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Why BOB Stroller Cleaning Is A Challenge

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B-O-B Stroller Cleaning Service Challenges

When it comes to stroller cleaning, I’ve cleaned my fair share. I’m talking hundreds. I’ve cleaned different brands from UPPAbaby and Graco to Chicco and Bugaboo. Yet, the most challenging stroller cleaning project seems to be the B-O-B.

That’s right, BOB stroller proves to be the most difficult stroller to clean, sanitize and detail. And, for some reason, I tend to see them as very popular in Las Vegas.

BOB strollers are used by active parents–specifically moms–who may take pleasure in running, nature hikes, and other outdoor activities. That probably speaks to the rigidity of the stroller itself, being made of quality components that can take a beating (I mean really, the quality is a step above most strollers).

That popularity may also stem from FIT4MOM, a fantastic community of moms getting and staying active, as it seems many members push BOB strollers.

Despite the quality and popularity though, as I highlight below, there are several issues I have with BOB stroller cleaning. Just know that I’m not saying they’re bad strollers (they are quite good actually), I’m just saying a little design improvement would make cleaning them easier.

Top 3 Reasons BOB Strollers Are Hard To Clean

Mesh pockets

The mesh pockets on the BOB stroller trap all types of crumbs. BOB places them in the exact location where junior can tuck his cheddar bunnies without mom knowing (or discovering).

Vacuum cleaner crevice tools work a little, but often suck up the side fabric before it can get to the tight corner. The result: more-difficult-than-what-needs-to-be vacuuming requiring extra time.

Turning the stroller over and shaking it out doesn’t help either as the elastic can be pretty tight towards the top of the pocket, not allowing debris to escape.

After several BOB stroller cleanings though, I have discovered a work around for getting crumbs out of the BOB Stroller’s tight mesh pocket.

Wheels On The BOB Go ‘Round And ‘Round

Wheels are normally more challenging than other parts of any stroller. However, the wheels on the BOB prove to require more detail time than others.

The fact the wheels have a pinwheel design I think is what makes them challenging to detail. The tight corner near the axle is near impossible to get into (thank goodness for steam!).

Thanks to the easy removal of the wheels, the corners can get touched easier, but they still require removal of the wheel, which takes more time.

Handy Handlebars

I’ve cleaned BOB strollers with both soft rubber and foam handles. Each of them just as filthy as the next.

After hours of gripping the handlebars to weave in and out of pedestrian traffic, both soft rubber and foam tend to attract the oils from hands which becomes real sticky and tacky to the touch. Talk about a germy situation.

There’s no easy way of cleaning soft rubber or the foam handlebar. Using a toxic chemical will only eat away at the material and make the situation worse–a super sticky handlebar. I can tell when a chemical has been used to clean the surface too…it becomes quite evident just from the feel.

Final Word

So there you have it. The top three reasons BOB stroller cleaning is more difficult than the rest. Sure, other strollers have their issues too, but I cringe when I see a BOB stroller. The other strollers just don’t have the same issues at all at the same time.

No matter though. The price for a BOB stroller cleaning is the same as any other. I just I have to think of more ways to make the process more efficient.

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