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Child Car Seat Cleaning: From a Child’s Perspective

baby in car seat holding a phone

I’ve always looked at child car seat cleaning through the lens of a concerned parent. However, as my four-year old daughter was recently curious as to what I was doing on the computer as I edited some video, I decided to ask her a few questions about child car seat cleaning and how she feels about it. Her answers to my questions were pretty considerate and went as follows:

  • Q: How do you feel when you get in a clean child car seat?
    • A: Comfortable.
  • Q: Why do you feel comfortable?
    • A: Because it’s fresh and clean.
  • Q: What does a fresh car seat mean to you?
    • A: It looks better. It’s shiny (we just recently saw Disney’s Moana, so decided to add the flare of the giant crab from the film when saying “shiny”).
  • Q: What does a clean car seat mean to you?
    • A: It doesn’t smell like a dirty child car seat.
  • Q: If you were selling car seat cleaning services to one of your friends what would you tell them?
    • A: Get in a clean car seat.
  • Q: What could they do while their car seat is being cleaned?
    • A: Do something else, like play at a park on the playground.
  • Q: What coul…..

…And she goes back to playing with her younger sister (I was surprised I had her attention for as long as I did). She brings up some valid selling points though.

A child can tell when their environment could use some sprucing up. If they could clean child car seats themselves, they probably would. Parents are busy with work, school, arts, sports, social life, etc. to worry about cleaning. I get it. However, Germz Be Gone is here to help keep you and your child on the go in a clean child car seat for health benefits we don’t normally think of like: reducing the risk of infection, decreasing the amount of germs tracked into the household and even psychological benefits from operating in a clean environment.

The benefits of child car seat cleaning are plentiful. Put your child in a clean car seat like my daughter said.


1 thought on “Child Car Seat Cleaning: From a Child’s Perspective

  1. They do an awesome job and are quic. I got 3 car seats done in less than 2 hours. They looked brand new. I hate taking the seats apart and washing them so to find out someone else wants to do it is amazing. I’m sure I will be using them again. Thanks germzbegone.

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