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learn who can benefit from disinfectant fogging

Who Can Benefit From BioBalance Fogging?

If you've read what to look for and when to hire a disinfectant fogging service, then you already know you can benefit from disinfectant fogging. But besides you who else might be able to benefit? 

Allergy sufferers

If you suffer from  allergies, you should become best friends with your local disinfectant fogging service. Our fogging actually combats and remvoes 99% of airborne allergens like pollen, dust mites, dander, and even neutralize peanut allergens.

AirBnB hosts

Your guests expect the property they rent to be at least clean and odor free. If there was an unexpected smoker in the home or pet odor is out of control, disinfectant fogging can be a great solution to quickly ready the home for the next guest. 


If you work in an office that typically means you are in close quarters with other people. Oftentimes, your colleagues come to work sick, placing everyone in the office at risk. If you notice bouts with the same bug going around your office, disinfectant fogging can help reduce the spread of those germs so you can get back to productivity.


Much the same as offices, germs can spread quickly inside the home. Sometimes, illnesses can linger. That usually means a sharing of the same germs over and over again with a couple mutations of the germs in there so they stick around. Enter disinfectant fogging to interrupt their infection party.

Schools & Classrooms

It's common knowledge for schools to be a hotbed of germs. Send your child to school and they are almost guaranteed to come back sick. Imagine all the shared toys, uncovered sneezes, and harsh coughs that take place throughout the day. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to sanitize all those surfaces and the air in an efficient way? Disinfectant fogging to the rescue!

Endless applications

This list could go on forever...The main takeaway here is that disinfectant fogging can be deployed in so many scenarios and benefit all people.

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