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humans generate oxidation

Humans Cause Chemicals To Be Harmful (Maybe)

A new study shows that we create our own oxidation fields through the oils and fats on our skin, which has implications for indoor air quality and human health.

One of those implications, as atmospheric chemist Jonathan Williams points out, is that "We need to rethink indoor chemistry in occupied spaces because the oxidation field we create will transform many of the chemicals in our immediate vicinity."

I interpret his words to mean that the chemicals we currently use are more detrimental than we first thought. The fact they interact with our own oxidation field and can become more volatile and harmful is absolutely alarming.

For instance, hydrogen peroxide should not be used where chemicals like bleach or ammonia are used because their interactions can cause deadly gases and other compounds. Is something similar happening immediately on and arround your body and affecting you in harmful ways?

All of this is just another reminder to go nontoxic. If you haven't tried the nontoxic cleaning solutions or services on the market today you may want to start before you do yourself more harm than good.

The research has been published in Science.