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Hiring A Disinfectant Fogging Service? What To Look For

what to look for in a disinfectant fogging service germz be gone

Things To Consider When Hiring A Disinfectant Fogging Service

We define disinfectant fogging as the process of using a machine to dispense an EPA-registered disinfectant in the form of a super-fine mist. This mist coats surfaces and disinfects them on contact while also providing benefits for the air you breathe.

As a savvy consumer you know not all services are created equal. Thus, there are several important things to consider when hiring a professional disinfectant fogging service. We highlight them below.

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Are they insured?

A reputable disinfectant fogging service will take steps to mitigate any damage from their process, but if something goes wrong, how can the company fix it? This is where insurance comes in.

Fogging devices create a powerful air flow that can knock over and break valuable items. Plus, depending on what they use to fog with, valuable items may become discolored and ruined from the process. A reputable service company will have general liability insurance to replace items or inventory that may become damaged.

Do they have experience?

While experience isn't a determining factor of performance, it can be a telltale sign of knowledge, experience and wisdom. Some companies started when the pandemic hit and folded just months after, while others--like Germz Be Gone--have been providing fogging services since 2011.

Are they using EPA-registered fogging solutions?

Most disinfectants are not meant to be used in a fogging application. Common disinfectants, like hydrogen peroxide, while used by some fogging services, have not been approved for use in a fogger by the EPA. Services caught using disinfectants (and any other chemical) not in accord with their approved use can face stiff fines and penalties--so too can the companies who hire them.

Besides, would you trust a company who doesn't even read the labels of the solutions they are using?

What do they include in their process?

Don't be fooled into thinking all fogging services are the same. They are not! For instance, some disinfectant fogging services only fog. Others may wipe down light switches, door knobs and other frequently-touched items. 

You may not feel like you've received the value you're looking for if the service you choose is one of those "fog only" outfits. You want to choose a company who understands infection risk and disease transmission. A company who goes above and beyond to ensure the job is done right--the first time.

Always ask what their process includes.

It's go time!

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