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San Diego Hepatitis Outbreak Needs A Different Solution: Here’s Mine

san diego hepatitis outbreak solved

How To Solve The San Diego Street Hygiene, Hepatitis Problem

Since I previously highlighted what’s wrong in San Diego’s hepatitis remedy, I’ll get right to it.

Step One: Stop spraying bleach everywhere.

Bleach is toxic and creates too many unwanted issues down the road like:

  • Negative Health Issues – bleach causes cognitive, respiratory and nervous system issues. This is no secrete.
  • Immediate Sanitizing Only – Once bleach evaporates, its sanitizing properties go with it. Recontamination is possible just moments after application of the bleach.
  • Bleach kills everything – Bleach kills the good microbes too. Infection risk rises when an imbalance exists favoring the pathogens. If there are no good microbes left to fight off the pathogens, other serious illnesses can spread.
  • Where Does It Go? – So the city is spraying bleach everywhere. Are they collecting the contaminated water so it won’t go into the storm drain and contaminate the environment?
  • Creating Superbugs – Applying bleach to every surface is only creating the right environment for the creation of other superbugs. See “MRSA”

Step Two: Buck traditional thinking, apply some “new” science.

A quick Google search will yield countless alternatives to bleach to kill viruses and other pathogens. Vinegar, for example, can be an effective sanitizer. However, I propose something completely revolutionary: heat and then probiotics.

Yeah, I said it! PROBIOTICS.

High-temperature hot water or steam pressure washers are available. There would be no need for any chemicals other than what already exists in the city’s tap water, as the heat would destroy whatever is in its path. No chemicals, means a safer remedy and no negative side effects in the short or long term.

Probiotics For Days

After applying the steam, come back through with an application of probiotics using an ultra-low volume fogger. This will create a layer of beneficial microflora which will last and protect for several days rather than minutes.

Some may think a remedy of heat and probiotics is crazy and it won’t work. But tell me, is spraying bleach all over guaranteed to work? Time to try something different.