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how to keep your football pads from stinking

Banish the Funk from Your Football Pads

It's a well-known, albeit rarely spoken, truth among football players: football pads can develop a serious funk. This odor can be so overpowering that your pads might end up banished to the trunk of your car, never allowed indoors. But worry not, the days of smelly gear and embarrassment are behind you. Here's how to keep your football pads fresh and germ-free, ensuring they don't become a breeding ground for bacteria that could sideline you.

Let Them Breathe

Germs thrive in dark, moist environments. Storing your gear in a closed duffel bag creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria like staph and E. coli. This not only leads to bad odors but also increases the risk of infections. Remember, a bad smell is often a sign of germ overload.

Post-game or practice, it's crucial to air out your gear. In dry climates like Las Vegas, simply placing your pads and helmet outside for a couple of hours (direct sunlight and heat aren't necessary) can do the trick. The aim is to dry out the sweat, depriving germs of the moisture they need to survive.

Natural Sanitizing Sprays

Once you've dried your gear, it's time to sanitize. While there are many chemical sanitizers available, they often fall short for several reasons: they're more expensive, less effective in penetrating fabrics, contribute to the development of superbugs like MRSA, and can be harmful to your health.

DIY Alternatives

Creating your own natural sanitizing spray is easy and effective. You'll need a spray bottle and one of the following mixtures:

  • Vinegar Solution: Mix 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water. The vinegar odor dissipates quickly.
  • Essential Oils: Add 1-2 drops per ounce of water for a pleasant scent.
  • Probiotics: Combine 0.5 ounces with 32 ounces of water. Probiotics remain active for days, continuing to protect your gear.

These natural alternatives not only combat germs but also help reduce odors more effectively than chemical sanitizers.

Professional Deep Cleaning

At least once a month during the season, consider getting your gear professionally deep cleaned. Opt for services that use natural cleaning methods to avoid any harmful side effects. In Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area, Germz Be Gone offers steam and probiotic cleaning for sports gear, providing a thorough and safe cleaning process. They even offer the convenience of mobile service and team discounts.

A Routine for Healthier, Odor-Free Gear

Implement these techniques after every use of your pads:

  • Air Out: Always let your gear dry out after use.
  • Spray Down: Use your homemade spray for added protection.
  • Professional Cleaning: Get a deep clean monthly during the season with Germz Be Gone.

Imagine a locker room where everyone maintains their gear in this manner. The air would be fresher, the risk of infection lower, and the team healthier, especially during flu season. This could lead to a more successful and enjoyable season.

Charge forward to victory, with fresh, clean, and healthy gear!

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Tips For A Healthier Flu Season #7 of 7: Fog It Up

tips for a healthier flu season fog it up probiotic fog service

After you or a family member has been sick, do you ever wish there was a way to sanitize everything in your home? How awesome would it be to know your entire home has been “decontaminated” including the air? What if you could boost your home’s immune system and give your family a better chance of keeping germs at bay? Now you can with the latest technique in home hygiene. I call it “Probiotic Fog.”

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Probiotic Fog is simply a super-fine mist of probiotic bacteria applied to surfaces and the air. Before you get weirded out by applying bacteria all around you, just know that bacteria is essential to your good health and is already all around and in you (bacteria makes up the majority of your immune system). Similar to the probiotic bacteria you find in yogurt and kombucha or dietary supplements, probiotics can be applied externally to help restore the “good germs” in your life and unveil many familiar benefits:

  • Reduce the chances of getting sick with probiotics’ ATP-reducing and quorum sensing abilities.
  • Experience less allergies from probiotics eating up ATP from allergens like pollen, dust, pet dander and dead skin cells before they have a chance to react with your immune system.
  • Live without embarrassment and destroy odors at the source instead of covering them up (probiotics have little to no scent).
  • Allow your own immune system to focus on more sinister threats like viruses and harmful bacteria instead of other environmental threats like allergens, odors and germs.
  • eXtra, extra! Since probiotics are living organisms the benefits can last for days. What chemical cleaner can do that?

See what I did there? R-E-L-A-X….Let probiotics do the hard work for you. Afterall, probiotics have been providing benefits since the dawn of time. They know what they’re doing. Let them do it.

I hope you just gained a deeper appreciation for the versatility of these microscopic protectors in your direct environment. Now you can apply a new way of thinking when it comes to sanitizing. Using probiotics to clean and reduce ATP can truly change the world for the better.

Imagine what a world looks like with probiotics leading the way instead of toxic chemicals…

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