Sports gear disinfecting service that deodorizes too.

Keeping your sports gear clean is an important part of any serious athlete's regimen. Our affordable sports gear disinfecting comes with at-home service for ultimate convenience.

Nontoxic disinfecting and deodorizing for sports gear.

When throwing your pads in the wash just doesn't do the job, our sports gear disinfecting service can help. We use steam, probiotics and natural cleaners and disinfectants. Results are stellar and healthy.

When the funk hits the fan...

Funky, smelly sports gear is an indication of germ-infested pads. Those smelly germs can lead to terrible infections which can keep you or your young athlete out of competition for weeks at a time.

Did you know?

Serious ailments like staph infections are common in team sports and can be  mitigated with the proper hygiene and maintenance of sports equipment using our sports gear disinfecting service.

Team discounts available.

Does your whole team need to get their sports gear disinfected? Team discounts are available. Just email us with your team name, number of players and what kind of gear you need disinfected.

Book your sports gear disinfecting and deodorizing below.

($65 minimum applies.) 

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