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Steama Probiotica
Steama Probiotica

Steama Probiotica Protects

Steama Probiotica, originally known as Dr. Nia Brooks, was a leading microbiologist who was researching the benefits of probiotics and the power of steam in eliminating harmful pathogens. During one of her experiments, there was an accident involving a unique strain of probiotics and a steam explosion. Instead of harming her, the accident infused her with the power to control steam and utilize probiotics as a weapon against harmful germs.

Powers & Abilities:

  • Steam Manipulation: Steama can generate and control steam. She uses it to cleanse areas, create smokescreens, and even as a propulsion system.
  • Probiotic Infusion: With a touch, she can infuse a person or object with beneficial probiotics, strengthening their immune system or making surfaces resistant to harmful germs.
  • Steam Flight: Using the vents in her boots, she can release steam to fly or hover in the air.
  • Thermal Vision: She can see heat signatures, which helps her detect germs and other threats.
  • Probiotic Shield: Steama can create a protective barrier around her, made of probiotics, which neutralizes incoming germ-based attacks.