Stain Removal Policy

We've all been there...Our favorite shirt with a kool-aid spill, red wine on the carpet, or ring around the collar. No matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to get that stain out. It may lighten up a little, but the essence of the stain remains. What can you do?

The simple answer: nothing. Depending on many different factors some stains are as stubborn as the day is long. Following is a non-exhaustive list of why some stains just refuse to budge:

  • the cause of the stain (i.e. its source: oil, wine, tar, etc.)
  • the fabric holding the stain
  • the length of time the source of a stain has been on the fabric
  • environmental factors that help stains to set like dry heat
  • methods and equipment used: orbital vs. oscillating floor machine, dry cleaning vs. steam cleaning, etc.
  • chemicals used to treat

That last one is near and dear to my heart which is why we only use all natural cleaners like probiotics, plant-based detergents, and steam. If the combination of those three do not do the job, frankly, very few things will--unless you use some harmful chemical. The next question becomes: how important is that stain to your health? Is it worth subjecting yourself and loved ones (especially kids and pets) to chemicals that are known to have serious health consequences? Is it even worth the stress?

You must decide for yourself, but Germz Be Gone exists to provide a healthy alternative when it comes to sanitizing and achieving great results.