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Sunrise Children’s Foundation Las Vegas


Germz Be Gone will be at this weekend’s event hosted by Sunrise Children’s Foundation here in Las Vegas. This event will have food, fun and prizes. Plus we will be offering child car seat cleaning service on location for just $20. Do not miss this event! If you ever wanted to try our services and you’re in the area, be sure to wing by!

Sunrise Children’s Foundation

2795 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89121

“Sunrise Children’s Foundation programs support a myriad of critical areas focusing on optimal child development including prenatal care and breast-feeding education; infant and toddler health and development ; wellness, nutrition and health education; parent education; reading and literacy skills; and positive family relationships. SCF delivers a full scope of services from birth to five and provides a comprehensive continuum of care to ensure that children in Nevada have a chance at success.” Visit Sunrise Children’s Foundation website and learn how you can get involved.

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Baby’s Bounty & Germz Be Gone Doing Big Things Together!


Baby’s Bounty and Germz Be Gone team up to help more families in Las Vegas.

Part of our mission at Germz Be Gone is to be an active member of our community. That means getting involved wherever we can. Upon the launch of our services, we looked around Las Vegas for organizations which help less-fortunate children and families in our community. The one that has really stood out is Baby’s Bounty.

Founded by Kim Amato in 2008, Baby’s Bounty “provides essential clothing and gear to babies born into disadvantaged families for their health, safety and wellbeing.” They provide things like new and gently used infant clothing, blankets, bottles, toiletries, car seats and even bathtubs for babies 0-6 months.

With a small staff and several volunteers, Baby’s Bounty does some extraordinary things on limited resources. They rely on donations of money and gear as well grants to purchase items like new child car seats which must be brand new by law and are not cheap.

Since Baby’s Bounty collects used baby items and we sanitize baby gear, we thought we can help by sanitizing donated items for free. So we reached out and they reached back.

We met with Darlene Durham, Director of Operations. She gave us a tour of their efficient operation which turns out to be pretty complex. Baby’s Bounty works with over 800 social case workers in the Las Vegas area. Each family they help must be referred by a caseworker and be low income, not zero income (there is a difference). Families fill out questionnaires for the items they need. Baby’s Bounty responds by fulfilling the requests as much as possible. Currently, they help about 60 families per month. In 2017, they expect to help their 5,000th family in the Las Vegas Valley in their nearly nine years of existence.

Baby’s Bounty is helping to give our community’s newborns a chance for a healthy, safe environment. Rather than focus on things like where the baby is going to sleep or even taking them home from the hospital in an approved car seat, those anxieties can be alleviated and families can focus on the next important aspect of their lives. This begins to create positive momentum which can carry forward through time. Essentially, families and their children can achieve more on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and lead richer, fuller lives which only contributes to a better and healthier individual and community.

One of the most memorable things about our visit was looking at a wall of thank you cards where the families helped would provide feedback. Feedback could be good or bad and sometimes included a statement of what the family would do if they did not receive the assistance they needed. Standing at the wall, Darlene recalled a card she read years ago which is “the reason she will never stop doing this.” She said one family wrote that they “would’ve given their newborn up for adoption” had they not received the help provided by Baby’s Bounty. That’s when I realized the true impact of what Baby’s Bounty has on our community. Not only do they keep families together, but, in doing so, they improve our community in a very profound and lasting way.

Germz Be Gone is proud to partner with Baby’s Bounty. In fact, we created the DOGO Deal (Donate One Get One 50% OFF). If you donate one of the following to Baby’s Bounty via Germz Be Gone, we’ll sanitize it for free, and you will receive 50% off a child car seat or stroller sanitizing of your own (all items must be in working condition):

  • Child Car Seat (must be brand new and accompanied by receipt)
  • Stroller
  • Pack-n-Play or similar
  • Baby swing
  • 2 boxes of diapers (size NB, 1 or 2)

We’ll collect other items on their behalf too if you have clothes or other things you would like to donate, the DOGO Deal just won’t apply. By the way, we’ll only handle the items, any monetary contributions should go directly to Baby’s Bounty.

If you want to get involved or donate, check out Baby’s Bounty or any other local organization making a positive impact in our community.

Be on the lookout for fun Germz Be Gone and Baby’s Bounty collection events coming soon.