Nontoxic Disinfecting Services

What Makes Us Different?

Besides upfront pricing, we’ve designed every stage of our process to benefit you and your family’s health. Rather than using toxic, harsh chemicals as a cleaning shortcut that negatively impacts your health, our pioneering use of steam and probiotics gives even the worst of situations a powerful, non-toxic one-two punch. We even sanitize our equipment after each cleaning so the last house’s germs and dirt don’t enter your home. We keep our focus on your family’s health! 

A Cleaning Company Created Just For You

Hiring a cleaning service shouldn’t be difficult nor time consuming. You shouldn’t have to spend an afternoon calling several companies before you get a call back. You shouldn’t have to coordinate a walkthrough and waste your valuable time just to move on to the next company’s quote. You should be able to clearly communicate with the company you hire so you can point out what’s important to you and reschedule with ease if you have to. After you schedule service, the cleaner should be on time to the appointment and the results should blow you away with a guaranteed re-clean in case you’re not satisfied.

That’s the type of cleaning company we’ve created for you. One where you can schedule services online (no walkthrough required). We’re easy to communicate with. Call, text or email if you have a question need, to add services or reschedule. We show up on time and the results are second to none with STEAM melting away grime and PROBIOTICS punching germs in the face. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll come back and clean the item or area for free.

Highlighting The Difference

  • Great customer service – Our customer service is top notch! Take your neighbor’s word for it.
  • Upfront pricing – go ahead and use our calculators to see exactly what you pay for our services or use them to compare others’ prices. We don’t have any hidden costs, but we can’t guaranteed our competitors don’t.
  • Schedule services online – with no walkthrough required, scheduling services is super easy. No more phone tag!
  • We’re easy to communicate with – call, text or email if you have a question, need to add services or reschedule your appointment.
  • We show up on time, every time – no more waiting for the cleaners to show up (if they do at all).
  • We sanitize our equipment after each job – no tracking our previous customer’s germs into your home. The goal is get rid of germs not introduce more.
  • Results are second to none – with STEAM melting away grime and PROBIOTICS punching germs in the face, no other cleaning company comes close to achieving the results we do.
  • Latest equipment – we research and invest in the latest equipment like HEPA filter backpack vacuums, microfiber mops and steamers so each job is done thoroughly & efficiently with the least impact on your time & environment.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – if you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll come back as soon as possible and re-clean the item or area for free.
  • Social responsibility is important – we work with several nonprofits and local organizations to help those in need by donating our cleaning services and time to worthy causes. 
  • We are licensed and insured!

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