The crevice tool also helps get into those small or tight areas like between your fridge and cabinets or behind your entertainment center.

Vacuum Cleaners: What To Look For When Buying

When looking for a vacuum cleaner, be sure to look for the following features. These are a must have, in my opinion, and the other things are just marketing ploy to get you pay a higher price:

  • Reusable HEPA Filter – won’t spew dust back into the air and the reusability makes for cheaper long-term costs.
  • Wide Hose (at least 1.25″) – a wider hose typically allows for greater suction and the ability to pick up bigger objects
  • Motorized Brush – some vacuum cleaners rely on suction alone to power the brush head making for a pretty weak brushing of the carpet; and, therefore, less cleaning of the carpet. Unless it’s a Turbocat or an extremely powerful vacuum, be sure to get a motorized brush head.
  • Tools/Attachments – ensure your vacuum cleaner comes with at least a crevice tool, a brush attachment for dusting and an upholstery tool for your sofa, mattress or vehicle’s upholstery.
  • Dust Cup – don’t waste your money on bags you’ll have to buy every month. Just get a vacuum cleaner with a dust cup / bin you can empty then place back on the machine.

Below are some of the best vacuum cleaners I’ve used in my 12 years of professional cleaning. They range from upright to backpack, but they all work well.