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Tips For A Healthier Flu Season: #3 of 7 Sanitize High-Touch Point

sanitize high-touch points for a healthier flu season germz be gone

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High-Touch Points Are Key

Door knobs, handles, switches; these are known as “high-touch points” or “contact points.” They get a ton of daily use, but rarely get cleaned and sanitized.

Think about how many times you touch parts of your face throughout the day without even realizing it. Now think about how many germy contact points you touch before you touch your face or wash your hands. A little unsettling huh? When it comes to reducing the spread of disease and infection, sanitizing these high-touch points in your home, office and car can significantly reduce your chances of getting sick.

Here’s a list of some of the items in your life worth sanitizing regularly–if not every day. If you can think of others, feel free to comment below:

  • child’s car seat
  • steering wheel and shifter
  • door knobs, handles and switches
  • sunglasses
  • tv’s remote
  • cell phone and tablet
  • keyboard and mouse

Also, this is extremely important: when cleaning, be sure to use a natural cleaner; otherwise, you may be contributing to the spread of superbugs:


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