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Flu Vaccine Advocate or Opponent? Use This Checklist

flu vaccine for your home

Las Vegas Flu Vaccine For Your Home

It’s that time of year again in Las Vegas…the weather cools off, air gets drier, lips get chapped, schools are back in session and your child gets sick. Sometimes illnesses like the flu can spread through a class or school or office very quickly. No matter if you are an advocate or opponent of the flu vaccine, to protect your family, I’ve listed several items and areas to clean and sanitize in your home life and help reduce the chances of getting sick. Consider it a kind of flu vaccine for your home.

I’ve categorized what to clean by which appliances or tools to use. This may help you lump tasks together, speeding up the time to completion. The categories are: Dishwasher, Spray & Wipe, Washer/dryer and Other Tools.

Remember to use natural cleaners since they work and won’t have lasting negative side effects. Cleaners like probiotics or vinegar work well. Microfiber should be used wherever possible. If you have anything to add to the list feel free to comment below. Happy cleaning!

Clean Like A Vaccine


The dishwasher can use hotter water than what you can handle yourself. This helps in sanitizing hard surfaces like blocks and legos not just your dishes:

  • blocks/legos
  • cupholders from car seats or strollers
  • action figures
  • other hard surfaces that can handle heat and water

Spray & Wipe

I recommend a probiotic cleaner since it works better than chemicals, is all natural, organic, hypoallergenic and reduces ATP for several days. You really want to get areas where your child would touch often. It’s important here to think or see on a child’s level. Literally get down to their level and think about what you might touch to hoist yourself up onto something or swing from.

  • car door handles – where your child would grab to get in.
  • back of front seats – where your child would kick or place their feet.
  • door knobs and rails
  • cell phones and tablets
  • remote controls
  • refrigerator door and handles
  • countertops
  • tabletops
  • chairs – where people would grab to move it out to sit in.
  • trashcan including lid
  • bathroom sink and faucet handles
  • toilet handles and seats


Your washing machine can do a great job of cleaning things that are used everyday, but not thought of as needing to be cleaned (everything needs to be cleaned). A mild, plant-based detergent is enough for all jobs. I recommend to hang or air dry most items so they don’t shrink or lose too much of their form. Besides the sun’s rays will help disinfect and deodorize naturally:

  • backpack
  • lunchbag
  • shoes
  • sheets
  • sofa or couch – depending on material and configuration you may unzip the cushion cover and place in the wash then hang to dry.
  • toys – depending on the material

Other Tools Required:

  • child car seat – steam clean first, then probiotic spray & wipe with microfiber cloth.
  • carpet – use a HEPA filter vacuum to avoid spewing allergens into the air. Allergens can wreak havoc on your immune system weakening it for more sinister germs to infect.
  • floor – mop with probiotic cleaner and a microfiber mop head. Be cautious to change the pads often to avoid cross-room contamination.

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Vacuuming for Health

Outline the room, then fill in a slow, methodical manner.

Vacuuming for Health: An Easy To Follow Guide

Vacuuming is one of the most important things you can do for your health. By removing dust, dead skin cells, pet dander and other allergens, vacuuming makes it possible for you to breathe easier, rest better and even boost your immune system.

Below is a step-by-step guide to vacuuming like a pro. Be sure to watch the video too. I hope you employ these tips the next time you vacuum.

The keys to vacuuming are to develop your own methodical system so no area goes unvacuumed and to use all the tools at your disposal.

Once you have your system down, you’ll notice your vacuuming time dwindle.

Save time and produce a healthier environment by vacuuming like a pro
Save time and produce a healthier environment by vacuuming like a pro.

For instance, when I vacuum a room, I start with the edges of the room first. I’ll take my crevice tool, go around the room–vacuuming all the tight spaces as I go along. That way I won’t have to pull out the same tool later in my process, slowing me down.

One of the most important yet rarely used tools on the vacuum is the crevice tool.
One of the most important yet rarely used tools on the vacuum is the crevice tool.

The crevice tool makes it possible for you to vacuum between the floor and baseboard or wall.

The crevice tool also helps get into those small or tight areas like between your fridge and cabinets or behind your entertainment center.
The crevice tool also helps get into those small or tight areas like between your fridge and cabinets or behind your entertainment center.

Next, I’ll take the brush attachment and use it to vacuum blinds, around windows, baseboards, vent registers and other items whose surface can take gentle abrasion.

Use the brush attachment to vacuum your blinds.
Use the brush attachment to vacuum your blinds.

Use the brush attachment to vacuum vent registers too.
Use the brush attachment to vacuum vent registers too.

Vacuum your base boards with the brush attachment.
Vacuum your base boards with the brush attachment.

From there, I’ll use the upholstery attachment to vacuum things like the sofa and mattresses.

The upholstery attachment is useful for the sofa or soft, pillowy-type surfaces.
The upholstery attachment is useful for the sofa or soft, pillowy-type surfaces.

Vacuuming the sofa and mattress with an upholstery attachment to remove all those dead skin cells left behind really makes a difference in allergy relief.

When you have sheets in the wash, it is a perfect time to vacuum your mattress.
When you have sheets in the wash, it is a perfect time to vacuum your mattress.

Finally, all the attachments are put away and the main brush head of the vacuum is used. Just like I used to as a kid when coloring, I outline first, going around the room and furniture. In order to be even more thorough, you may want to move some furniture if you are able to.

Outline the room, then fill in a slow, methodical manner.
Outline the room, then fill in a slow, methodical manner.

After outlining, in a very systematic manner, I vacuum the rest of the floor being careful to move at a slow pace–about six inches per second. At this pace, the brush head has a chance to hit each fiber several times while suctioning, making for cleaner carpet.

Happy vacuuming!

Click here for more tips on how to clean for better health.

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San Diego Hepatitis Outbreak Needs A Different Solution: Here’s Mine

san diego hepatitis outbreak solved

How To Solve The San Diego Street Hygiene, Hepatitis Problem

Since I previously highlighted what’s wrong in San Diego’s hepatitis remedy, I’ll get right to it.

Step One: Stop spraying bleach everywhere.

Bleach is toxic and creates too many unwanted issues down the road like:

  • Negative Health Issues – bleach causes cognitive, respiratory and nervous system issues. This is no secrete.
  • Immediate Sanitizing Only – Once bleach evaporates, its sanitizing properties go with it. Recontamination is possible just moments after application of the bleach.
  • Bleach kills everything – Bleach kills the good microbes too. Infection risk rises when an imbalance exists favoring the pathogens. If there are no good microbes left to fight off the pathogens, other serious illnesses can spread.
  • Where Does It Go? – So the city is spraying bleach everywhere. Are they collecting the contaminated water so it won’t go into the storm drain and contaminate the environment?
  • Creating Superbugs – Applying bleach to every surface is only creating the right environment for the creation of other superbugs. See “MRSA”

Step Two: Buck traditional thinking, apply some “new” science.

A quick Google search will yield countless alternatives to bleach to kill viruses and other pathogens. Vinegar, for example, can be an effective sanitizer. However, I propose something completely revolutionary: heat and then probiotics.

Yeah, I said it! PROBIOTICS.

High-temperature hot water or steam pressure washers are available. There would be no need for any chemicals other than what already exists in the city’s tap water, as the heat would destroy whatever is in its path. No chemicals, means a safer remedy and no negative side effects in the short or long term.

Probiotics For Days

After applying the steam, come back through with an application of probiotics using an ultra-low volume fogger. This will create a layer of beneficial microflora which will last and protect for several days rather than minutes.

Some may think a remedy of heat and probiotics is crazy and it won’t work. But tell me, is spraying bleach all over guaranteed to work? Time to try something different.

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San Diego Poisoning Its People: Is Your City Next

san diego homeless hepatitis a outbreak

San Diego: Bleach Is Not The Answer

I’ve been asked: why cleaning? What got you into to cleaning? Do you like cleaning?

Personally, I clean to protect my family from microscopic intruders. And, frankly, I use cleaning as a means to make some money while simultaneously helping people in a real way.

Globally, I believe what we do in terms of cleaning continues to have profound effects on the human species and our many habitats–many of the effects, if not all, are negative and unwanted. Just as Elon Musk is determined to find ways for humans to leave a lesser footprint on Earth–and, quite literally, leave Earth–I am determined to enlighten people of better ways to clean; better ways to survive. Afterall, it will do no good for humans to live on another planet and take our destructive habits with us.

Big Chemical Is Killing You

As humans, we clean every day. We bathe. We brush our teeth. We wash our hands. We wash dishes. We roll our cars through a car wash….What we think of “cleaning” has been taught, marketed, learned and conditioned since the dawn of man. We’ve been cleaning so long as a species that we may not even think twice about the chemicals we use, the equipment we choose or the processes we employ. Like unmanned drones, we go through our cleaning lives unquestioning of what we’re doing or what our goal is.

The danger in that is we allow corporate chemical companies to dictate what modern cleaning is, does, and what it uses. We let these companies get away with fraudulent, incomplete marketing campaigns where they pervert toxic-industrial chemicals for household-consumer use. Chemicals like bleach and ammonia were never meant to clean the table or floor our children crawl on; nor were they meant to clean the dishes we cook with or eat from. Somehow, these vicious chemicals have made their way into our “normal” human routine of survival and have become second nature to use in a cleaning crisis.

San Diego Got It Wrong

Most recently, in San Diego, California, there was an outbreak of hepatitis A amongst the homeless population. Over 400 cases with over a dozen deaths. Something must be done to curtail the infection rate. However, when I learned the solution they enacted was to walk the city streets and basically power wash the sidewalks with bleach, I was absolutely aghast. This rang several alarm bells:

  • Bleach is extremely toxic–especially the fumes. Was there a thought about the negative health consequences that use of toxic chemicals will bring? Respiratory, cognitive and nervous system issues are well documented. Hospitals and doctors in the area should keep an eye out for an uptick in reported issues.
  • Power washers will only add to the bleach’s harm by spraying fine particles from the overspray into the air where those particles can travel several yards or more depending on wind. The spray will affect the air quality for a greater number in the city rather than just in the local area.
  • Bleach and other nasty chemicals have contributed to superbugs, like MRSA, in our society.
  • How and why is bleach one of the first things we turn to in a cleaning crisis? Chemical companies have major lobbying and marketing power. They are dictating which chemicals to use and when. Some conspiracy theorists may say these chemicals are being used to control the population….

As highlighted by San Diego’s response, the unchecked use of toxic chemicals is an extreme detriment to our health and society. Worse yet, there is no guaranty this method of remedy will work or has worked.

Read My Alternative Solution To Treat This Issue.

Fight The Power

San Diego is just the latest city having to manage an outbreak like this. Is your city next? What will your city’s method of remedy be? Contact your city official’s and let them know bleach is not an answer. You just may have the power to keep your city’s cleaning resolution on a healthy, chemical-free path.

I’m in the cleaning industry to put the use of chemicals in check. A few of you will join me. It’s you I need to help spread the health and educate your family, friends and neighbors on proper, healthy ways to clean. Please share this post.

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Home Allergy Relief

germz be gone home allergy relief


Allergy symptom relief is just a click away!

“Cleaning” is to remove soil, dirt, debris from a surface or the air. If you look around your home, do you see soil, dirt or debris sitting on anything? If you do, just know that it’s much worse in areas you can’t see. Perhaps your current cleaner forgot to get that area or they simply never get that area. The lack of thoroughness is contributing to your allergies. Luckily, with Germz Be Gone, allergy symptom relief is right around the corner.

Pro Tip: Most cleaning companies you hire will only clean or wipe things at shoulder height. Depending on the height of the individual, you could be looking at no higher than 5-5 1/2 feet. Be sure to specify the height in whatever agreement you have with them or you may end up disappointed in their results.

The problem is when areas are neglected they become hotbeds for dust and other allergens that will persistently trigger your allergies. Walk through the doorway, and the little bit of wind you create actually disturbs “resting” allergens on the lip of the doors molding, sends them airborne and eventually end up in your respiratory system. A similar concept can be applied to your floors, mattress, sofa and any where else you spend your time. See for yourself: rub a cloth on the top of your door and doorjamb and notice how much dust you knock down (consider it free allergy testing).

Pro Tip: Cleaning companies will not move furniture to dust or vacuum behind or underneath. Sometimes they may have equipment to reach certain areas, but to thoroughly clean an area, the piece will need to be moved. If you want specific areas cleaned, be a good customer and move the furniture yourself. Who knows, you may find that priceless earring, favorite bookmark or remote control if you do. Otherwise, hire Germz Be Gone and we do the heavy cleaning.

At Germz Be Gone we specialize in home allergy relief.

We recommend you enhance your maintenance cleaning every 3 months with our Home Allergy Relief package. This package is designed to coexist with your current cleaning company’s regiment or your own. We perform an extreme dusting and vacuuming of areas that need it most like your sofa and mattress as well as the areas that are hard to get like blinds and ceiling fans.

To finish up, we apply a probiotic mist your home’s air and surfaces. This helps tremendously in providing nontoxic, hypoallergenic sanitizing, deodorizing and allergen removal. What’s more, the probiotics keep working and protecting for several days.

Try our Home Allergy Relief package today! Click here.