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Healthy Probiotic Cleaning: How To Clean Your Toilet Like A Pro

healthy probiotic cleaning how to clean a toilet

In this post and many more to come, I will share with you the knowledge I’ve gained over the past decade so you can clean better, feel better, and live a healthier life. I will always stress the use of nontoxic cleaners, methods and means to achieve great results without the negative side effects from harsh chemicals. Without further adieu, let’s get started with Healthy Probiotic Cleaning.

Tools Needed For Healthy Probiotic Cleaning In Your Bathroom

  • Microfiber cloth (x2) – the thicker, the better. Thicker cloths tend to pick up dirt better and can more easily mold into corner and crannies where fingers can’t go.
  • Chrisal Probiotic Cleaner – by far the best product I’ve ever worked with. It’s organic, hypoallergenic, contains probiotics to clean and reduces ATP, lasts for days rather than seconds, extremely effective and a little goes a long way (dilution ratio 1 part :32 parts water ). Healthy probiotic cleaning at its finest. If you don’t have it, use another natural cleaner or a splash of vinegar in the commode.
  • Toilet brush – nylon bristles or sponge-head brushes work best. Try to stay away from wire brushes as they can scratch surfaces pretty easily.
  • Spray bottle – cheap spray bottles are available, but will break on you after a few uses. Splurge and buy one here or at your local home improvement center for a couple bucks.

Watch my video on how to clean your toilet like a pro

The Healthy Probiotic Cleaning Process

Now that you have your tools:

      • remove the trash from around the toilet and set the bin just outside the bathroom – be sure to empty the trash. A full trashcan next to a clean toilet isn’t a good look. If you’re looking for eco-friendly liners, I recommend Bio-Bags. They don’t rip and tear as easily as some other brands I’ve tried. If you just went shopping, use one of the plastic bags your stuff came in. That way it can at least get reused once before it clogs up the landfill.
        • The reason for setting the trashcan outside of the bathroom is twofold: it gives you space to work and it signals to others in the household that work is being done in the house possibly inspiring a member of the household chip in elsewhere.
      • spray your natural cleaning solution in several places:
        • top of toilet tank
        • front of tank and handle
        • toilet lid and seat
        • toilet rim
        • into toilet water
        • base of toilet
        • onto floor next to toilet especially in the corners
      • use toilet brush to scrub inside of toilet and rim
        • be sure to get the underside of the rim. That’s where a lot of crud lurks.
      • with microfiber cloth #1, wipe down toilet
        • start from the top of the tank working your way down to the bottom hitting the rim and base along the way
      • spray cleaning solution on¬†microfiber cloth #2 and wipe bathroom door handles and floor surrounding toilet
      • hard water stains present? Learn how to remove hard water stains non toxically.

That’s it for the toilet and its surrounding area. Typically, I would reserve the entire bathroom floor for cleaning as the last step of cleaning the house. Knowing the floor around the toilet has already been cleaned makes the ensuing mop up much easier. More on that in a following post.

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