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Thought of the Moment: Hand-Me-Downs

las vegas baby gear services before and after stain removal all natural

If you’re like me, you are not the first-born sibling in your family. And chances are you’ve suffered through hand-me-down after hand-me-down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with second-hand clothes, shoes, toys, or any other item. They save money and most items are “like new” anyway (at least that’s what my parents wanted me to think). Given this fact, I guess it’s the reason I feel that much more passionate about sanitizing baby gear and other heavily-used but neglected items.

Many requests we receive are from families who just received a bunch of useful-second-hand items for their newborn or toddler; often times from other family or friends. While their intentions are good, there is going to be a need to clean and sanitize those items thoroughly before use just for your own peace of mind as a responsible parent.

If you don’t have the time, energy, equipment, or resources to clean those tedious items like child car seats, high chairs, strollers, and the like, we are here to help.

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Child Car Seat Cleaning: From a Child’s Perspective

baby in car seat holding a phone

I’ve always looked at child car seat cleaning through the lens of a concerned parent. However, as my four-year old daughter was recently curious as to what I was doing on the computer as I edited some video, I decided to ask her a few questions about child car seat cleaning and how she feels about it. Her answers to my questions were pretty considerate and went as follows:

  • Q: How do you feel when you get in a clean child car seat?
    • A: Comfortable.
  • Q: Why do you feel comfortable?
    • A: Because it’s fresh and clean.
  • Q: What does a fresh car seat mean to you?
    • A: It looks better. It’s shiny (we just recently saw Disney’s Moana, so decided to add the flare of the giant crab from the film when saying “shiny”).
  • Q: What does a clean car seat mean to you?
    • A: It doesn’t smell like a dirty child car seat.
  • Q: If you were selling car seat cleaning services to one of your friends what would you tell them?
    • A: Get in a clean car seat.
  • Q: What could they do while their car seat is being cleaned?
    • A: Do something else, like play at a park on the playground.
  • Q: What coul…..

…And she goes back to playing with her younger sister (I was surprised I had her attention for as long as I did). She brings up some valid selling points though.

A child can tell when their environment could use some sprucing up. If they could clean child car seats themselves, they probably would. Parents are busy with work, school, arts, sports, social life, etc. to worry about cleaning. I get it. However, Germz Be Gone is here to help keep you and your child on the go in a clean child car seat for health benefits we don’t normally think of like: reducing the risk of infection, decreasing the amount of germs tracked into the household and even psychological benefits from operating in a clean environment.

The benefits of child car seat cleaning are plentiful. Put your child in a clean car seat like my daughter said.


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Clean Baby Gear With Steam

germz be gone germ logo "Germie"

We steam up baby gear using high-temperature steam vapor and absolutely no harmful chemicals. We use over 320 degrees of steam vapor for deep sanitizing and quick dry time. It’s the padding and nooks and crannies where nasty germs and biofilm thrive, so we get the buckles, straps, cupholders, and everything in between. With no harmful chemicals, your child will not be exposed to substances that will impair their cognitive, respiratory, or nervous systems.

After watching the video, easily order services by clicking here.

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Uncover The Hidden Dangers In Your Child Car Seat

child car seat cleaning
The removal, installation, and/or operation of your car seat is solely your responsibility and Germz Be Gone and its authors accept no liability regarding such or for comments made in connection with any writings posted or otherwise.

A Clean Car Seat = A Safer Car Seat

When it comes to child safety seats, different people and different laws say different things. As a new resident of Nevada, I wanted a concrete answer from a well-trusted authority. So I went looking in the the most obvious place, the Nevada DMV. What I found at first was lacking:

“Children who are younger than 6 years old and weighs less than 60 lbs. must ride in an approved safety restraint system. Children are generally safest riding in the back seat. In fact, with vehicles containing front seat passenger air bags, infants should always ride in the back seat.”1

As you can see, there is little to go on here, leaving it to parents to dig a little further. I was at least expecting some guidance on best practices easier to find at the DMV. You have to click on “how to buy a car seat” in order to get any “real” information.

Luckily, there are a number of other sites dedicated to child safety seats and their applicable state laws. One local site I found that has some really good information is Safe Kids Clark County. They have tidbits on installation and recommendations about rear- vs. forward-facing ages and seats. A good resource to check out for sure.

Overlooked Safety

When it comes to child safety, however, something typically disregarded, unmentioned or never thought of is proper cleaning of the car seat to protect the child from nasty germs and infection and how a clean car seat can help maintain better health. Frequent car seat cleaning is something responsible parents can do to help give their child(ren) the best chance of staying healthy all year long–especially during cold and flu season. Besides, many items can be found in the bowels of your child’s car seat that can keep clasps from fully attaching, buckles from buckling and gears and levers from working properly.

There’s no telling what kind of nasties are hidden in that seat: old-explosive-diaper fluids, last week’s vomit, stale cheddar bunnies, sweat, dead skin cells, a mysterious fungus, dust mites, school germs, the list goes on. As often as you change your bath towel, you should probably clean your child’s car seat. If you can spare a few hours, I’d recommend a deep detail at least once per month.

How To Clean Your Child’s Car Seat

A Note About Convenience: As a father of two school-age girls who love to play in the sand with other kids, it is necessary for me to sanitize their car seats for germs and dirt; that way, they won’t track that stuff in the house. As they grow, however, so too does their fit in their car seat. I find that when I take the car seats out to clean them, the moment is also convenient for me to adjust the car seat for proper fit. Two birds for one: a clean and sanitized seat and a better fit for a safer ride.

Here is how to clean a car seat properly. Please follow your car seat manufacturer’s’ directions and use very mild detergents to help keep safety components in working form:

  • Read car seat manual’s care instructions
  • Remove the car seat from the vehicle
  • Remove fabric from the seat structure (remember to take note of where the straps and fasteners go).
    • From here you can either toss the fabric in the wash (if it can handle it) or elect to spray and wipe with a non-toxic cleaner and microfiber cloth.
  • Shake out or vacuum the base to remove crumbs and loose debris.
  • Spray and wipe down base with a non-toxic cleaner and microfiber cloth.
  • Spray and wipe buckles and straps and other high-touch areas with a non-abrasive, very mild and neutral cleaner.
  • Use a cotton swab or toothpick to get into screw holes and other tight spaces where gummies and other sticky substances can hide.
  • Allow all pieces to thoroughly dry.
  • Remember how to reassemble all components.
  • Re-install car seat.

The Easier Way To Clean Your Child’s Car Seat

Does that entire process sound a little time consuming and challenging? It is.

Is your child’s health worth it? It DEFINITELY is.

Fortunately for you, Germz Be Gone is here to make your car seat cleaning easier than ever before. Simply order service online, we set up in front of your home and get to work sanitizing, detailing and deodorizing your child’s car seat and other baby gear. You get your items back in minutes.

For more of what we do, visit us online at

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Baby Car Seat Protection: How Are Probiotics Used?

probiotic bacteria

Ever heard of probiotics to reduce ATP?

That’s ok, most people haven’t. Let us give you a quick rundown.

Some harmful microorganisms, like e. coli and staph bacteria, can develop a “biofilm.” Biofilm is a sticky, hard layer of secretions, which germs create in order to build a barrier where an organized colony of germs thrive. Inside this biofilm, germs pass nutrients to one another and transport waste outside of their little community. Since the biofilm is relatively hard and several layers deep, most chemical disinfectants (including bleach or Lysol) are not able to penetrate it in order to kill any of the germs below the surface. Therefore, after a disinfectant is applied and evaporates, what’s left are dead microorganisms to act as food for the community of germs that was untouched by that same chemical. Those germs then begin to feast and thrive, adapt, and eventually become resistant to chemical disinfectants or antibiotics–the creation of a super germ has begun. (Imagine what’s thriving in your baby car seat right now).

Our unique process applies high-temperature steam vapor to the surface which penetrates and destroys germs and biofilm while cleaning very effectively. Then, for additional protection, we add a layer of probiotic bacteria to the surface through a super-fine mist.

That’s right! Like probiotics in yogurt or dietary supplements for stomach and immune health, similar probiotics help make your environment healthier at the microscopic level in several ways:

  • overcrowding a surface so germs can’t settle and thrive
  • “quorum sensing” telling germs to stop replicating or be destroyed
  • consuming the food sources germs would normally eat like dead skin cells, micronutrients in sweat, old food, etc.

What’s more, the probiotic bacteria keep working and reducing ATP for several days. So when you pick up your child from school and place them in the car seat, those same probiotics are still living in the seat reducing ATP between points of interest.

Our goal is to keep your child’s micro environment clean and sanitized so they can enjoy the fun things in life rather than battling infection.

Probiotic cleaners are already used for room preparation in leading-edge hospitals, air filtration systems in hotels, and used for sanitizing equipment in food processing plants, and other high risk areas where infection control is critical. What are you using in to keep your child’s environment healthier?