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This Is What The Average Graco Car Seat Looks Like Before We Detail It

Graco Car Seat Before & After

Does Your Graco Car Seat Look Like This?

Graco car seat cleaning – We show you what a typical car seat looks like as soon as we get it from a busy parent. We then show you the before and after pics. The transformation is awesome!

This customer took advantage of one of our special offer to get her Graco car seat and stroller cleaned. When she received her child’s items back from Germz Be Gone she simply said, “Wow!”

Reactions like that motivate us to make the next customer feel the same way with our top notch car seat cleaning and baby gear services.

Besides, imagine what your child will think when she sees her car seat after it being sanitized and detailed…Kids notice everything!

Feel free to check out this video and more Germz Be Gone car seat cleaning results.

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Car Seat Cleaning & Safety: Hidden Dangers Should Prompt Car Seat Cleaning More Often

before no after germz be gone

Car Seat Cleaning Is Critical To Your Child’s Health And Safety.

At Germz Be Gone we take car seat cleaning seriously since the cleanliness of your child’s car seat lends directly to its safety in two important ways: infection risk and reduced functionality. 

Infection Risk. A dirty car seat carries a lot of germs your child tracks all over the place. Imagine the harmful germs your child picks up and carries from the park, school, stores, sports, etc. From any of those places, you place your child in their car seat repeatedly and, if you’re like most parents, you don’t clean and sanitize their seat each time they come out of it. With the combination of the desert heat, food crumbs, sweat, and spilled milk, conditions are ideal for the harmful germs to thrive and multiply, out number the good protective microorganisms, and eventually get your child sick.

What’s The Big Deal? Harmful germs can affect your child’s health in the following ways.

  • Skin infection from staph.
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps from infectious e.coli or salmonella
  • Lingering colds and other illnesses from germs still living in the seat.
  • Allergies from mites and fungi (molds).

Each of the above can lead to health issues, missed opportunities for your child, and missed work for you the parent​.

Easy, Quick Sanitizing. As a busy parent, you may not have time for a full fledged detailing and sanitizing every day. So what Germz Be Gone recommends as an affordable solution is to make a small spray bottle of good old vinegar (6% acid if you can find it). Set the spray bottle on mist, and each time you take your child out of her car seat, quickly mist the car seat’s fabric being careful not to spray the buckles or straps. The smell will go away after a few minutes (usually before you get back in the car) and the vinegar will kill most germs without harmful side effects.

When it’s time for a thorough car seat cleaning, detailing and sanitizing, call Germz Be Gone.

Reduced Functionality. Food crumbs and sticky substances often fall into areas you don’t normally see, but are critical to the safety​ of the car seat. Things like gears and clasps can get stuck or not snap together completely. If this happens, your child’s safety is at extreme risk if in an accidental or sudden stop situation. Your child can be thrown from his car seat and tossed about the cabin or ejected from the vehicle itself.

Always do a quick check of your child’s straps and buckles by giving them a firm tug. Also be sure to check for and remove debris or other items that may find their way into gears, buttons, and release/locking mechanisms.


  • Keep your child’s car seat clean and sanitized to reduce germs and her chances of getting sick.
  • Check for and remove debris from gears, buttons, clasps, release/locking mechanisms.
  • Perform a quick safety check each time you place your child in his car seat.

More information can be found at or

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Crop Dusting Has Consequences

Crop dusting may have serious health consequences.

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on my youth and some of the best laughs I’ve had. When I was kid, fart jokes and your mama snaps tended to be entertainment in between playing Nintendo and trading sports cards. (“Your mama jokes” were especially popular after In Living Color aired their hilarious segments). However, if someone’s fart joke included a wise and humorous metaphor it could rival the hottest rap line du jour and send friends into a laughing frenzy. So when I recalled this question from my youth, I had to google it (since the Internet is now available).

First off, kudos to the researchers for posing the question and seeking the answer. The post begins with a video at airport security of a traveler ripping one in front of an infrared camera. If you want a good laugh, after watching the video, read the comments at the bottom of the same post: “Do Farts Carry Germs?…

While there may be quite a bit of humor in the topic, it is a serious question and the answer may surprise you. The experiment found that a fart carries germs if the flatulator is naked, but may not if wearing clothes.

It turns out, the clothes act as some kind of filter that only lets the gas escape. Logically then, at the same time, whatever material is the acting filter will certainly get germy.

Inside consequences.

However, take a moment to consider germs on the outside of your pants at the moment you let one go. It is possible your flatulate–while maybe only gas–can sends those germs airborne, potentially harming and infecting those around you. I postulate that the potential may increase if located indoors, while if the flatulator and their party are outside, UV rays may keep the breathable air sanitized.

I’m not suggesting you don’t relieve yourself when you need to, just consider the science when you do. Stepping outside for a moment could prevent biological warfare.

What are some of your favorite jokes when you were a kid? Please share.

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Baby’s Bounty & Germz Be Gone Doing Big Things Together!


Baby’s Bounty and Germz Be Gone team up to help more families in Las Vegas.

Part of our mission at Germz Be Gone is to be an active member of our community. That means getting involved wherever we can. Upon the launch of our services, we looked around Las Vegas for organizations which help less-fortunate children and families in our community. The one that has really stood out is Baby’s Bounty.

Founded by Kim Amato in 2008, Baby’s Bounty “provides essential clothing and gear to babies born into disadvantaged families for their health, safety and wellbeing.” They provide things like new and gently used infant clothing, blankets, bottles, toiletries, car seats and even bathtubs for babies 0-6 months.

With a small staff and several volunteers, Baby’s Bounty does some extraordinary things on limited resources. They rely on donations of money and gear as well grants to purchase items like new child car seats which must be brand new by law and are not cheap.

Since Baby’s Bounty collects used baby items and we sanitize baby gear, we thought we can help by sanitizing donated items for free. So we reached out and they reached back.

We met with Darlene Durham, Director of Operations. She gave us a tour of their efficient operation which turns out to be pretty complex. Baby’s Bounty works with over 800 social case workers in the Las Vegas area. Each family they help must be referred by a caseworker and be low income, not zero income (there is a difference). Families fill out questionnaires for the items they need. Baby’s Bounty responds by fulfilling the requests as much as possible. Currently, they help about 60 families per month. In 2017, they expect to help their 5,000th family in the Las Vegas Valley in their nearly nine years of existence.

Baby’s Bounty is helping to give our community’s newborns a chance for a healthy, safe environment. Rather than focus on things like where the baby is going to sleep or even taking them home from the hospital in an approved car seat, those anxieties can be alleviated and families can focus on the next important aspect of their lives. This begins to create positive momentum which can carry forward through time. Essentially, families and their children can achieve more on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and lead richer, fuller lives which only contributes to a better and healthier individual and community.

One of the most memorable things about our visit was looking at a wall of thank you cards where the families helped would provide feedback. Feedback could be good or bad and sometimes included a statement of what the family would do if they did not receive the assistance they needed. Standing at the wall, Darlene recalled a card she read years ago which is “the reason she will never stop doing this.” She said one family wrote that they “would’ve given their newborn up for adoption” had they not received the help provided by Baby’s Bounty. That’s when I realized the true impact of what Baby’s Bounty has on our community. Not only do they keep families together, but, in doing so, they improve our community in a very profound and lasting way.

Germz Be Gone is proud to partner with Baby’s Bounty. In fact, we created the DOGO Deal (Donate One Get One 50% OFF). If you donate one of the following to Baby’s Bounty via Germz Be Gone, we’ll sanitize it for free, and you will receive 50% off a child car seat or stroller sanitizing of your own (all items must be in working condition):

  • Child Car Seat (must be brand new and accompanied by receipt)
  • Stroller
  • Pack-n-Play or similar
  • Baby swing
  • 2 boxes of diapers (size NB, 1 or 2)

We’ll collect other items on their behalf too if you have clothes or other things you would like to donate, the DOGO Deal just won’t apply. By the way, we’ll only handle the items, any monetary contributions should go directly to Baby’s Bounty.

If you want to get involved or donate, check out Baby’s Bounty or any other local organization making a positive impact in our community.

Be on the lookout for fun Germz Be Gone and Baby’s Bounty collection events coming soon.

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Baby Gear Cleaning to Reduce Infection Risk

dirty car seat

Ever wonder how clean baby gear is? We take an ATP meter to test three car seats. Each car seat had varying degrees of soil on them with different ATP readings. The results are rather spectacular.

Per wikipedia, an “ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through detection of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.” The cool science part is that the enzyme used in the test swab is similar to that which makes fireflies glow. When the enzyme comes in contact with living microorganisms, it emits a little bit of light. The meter then measures that light and spits out a number. That number, however, is not a direct representation of the number of microorganisms on the surface, rather it is an indicator of such. A low number is good, while a higher number is bad.

Any number less than 35 is considered safe enough for food preparation in a restaurant. That means it doesn’t take much to get us sick. Imagine the fallen cheerio your child finds a week later after an explosive diaper you never managed to spend enough time cleaning up. Pretty unsettling, huh?

Before steaming and sanitizing these three child car seats, we took an initial ATP test of each. Here are the initial test results:

  • Initial Test Car Seat #1 = 503
  • Initial Test Car Seat #2 = 454
  • Initial Test Car Seat #3 = 269

After our unique process of steam and pioneering application of probiotics, we then took a final reading. Keep in mind that since probiotics are living things, the ATP meter will pick them up in the test too. Not to worry though, probiotics are amazing at what they do and can reduce ATP for days (really!! It’s true!!). In our experience, the probiotics will take the ATP reading down to single digits in a matter of an hour or two. In these cases, we had to get the seats back to their owners so we couldn’t test that far into the future.

Here are the final test results:

  • Final Test Car Seat #1 = 57
  • Final Test Car Seat #2 = 41
  • Final Test Car Seat #3 = 19

The moral of the story is it doesn’t take much to get us sick. Keep your child car seat and other baby gear clean and sanitized. When you do that, your child’s risk of infection significantly drops.

If your child car seat can use a sprucing up and a thorough sanitizing, Germz Be Gone is here to help.