Special Offers

Special Offers On Nontoxic Cleaning & Probiotic Sanitizing

Looking for great deals on nontoxic cleaning and probiotic sanitizing? You’ve come to the right page. Below are our latest offers. Check back soon to see more.

FREE Probiotic Shield Concentrate

Book $125 or more in services and get a FREE bottle of our Probiotic Shield to help fight germs around your home and office.

FREE Probiotic Shield Service

Book $60 or more in services and receive one FREE application of our Probiotic Shield to your entire home. It’s like creating an immune system for your home to reduce germs, odors and allergens.

Save $5 On Your First Order

Want to give our services a try? Take $5 off your first order. Use code: SAVE5 at checkout. Don’t worry, you’ll earn discounts along the way too. Some restrictions apply.