Probiotic Fogging For Commercial Fleets

Are you looking for affordable ways to sanitize your commercial fleets on a daily or weekly basis? Something that can help protect your employees and keep them productive? Something that doesn’t require hiring new employees specialized in such a thing ’cause that’s not what you do? Look no further than Germz Be Gone Probiotic Fogging Service for Fleets!

First, some quick facts (you can learn much more here):

  • The goal of sanitizing or disinfecting is to reduce ATP — the evidence of living microorganisms in your environment. These microbes can be bacteria, fungi or viruses.
  • More often than not when sanitizing and disinfecting we kill off most, if not all, microbes including the good ones who are there to protect us from the bad ones.
  • There is another way to reduce ATP without sanitizing or disinfecting or killing off the good microbes: probiotic fogging.
  • Lower ATP = Less Germs = Lower Infection Risk

What does this means for your fleet?

Since your employees are the most valuable asset in your company, ensuring they have a healthy vehicle to drive with reduced levels of ATP means they can stay healthier, longer. They may be more productive on the job. They may reduce their sick days. They may have less allergies in the field. They may reduce the spread of community-borne diseases.

The benefits of our probiotic treatments can last for up to 3 days. This means your crew can ride in healthy vehicles all week long.

We can treat any size fleet!

Probiotic Fogging for Fleets is available in 3- or 12-month packages.