Probiotic Carpet Cleaning (Low Moisture Encapsulation)

The Probiotic Carpet Cleaning Process:

We use a multi-step, low-moisture system that will leave your carpets clean and dry in a matter of minutes (not hours). Your carpets will be ready to walk on in less than 30 minutes.

  • Pre-vacuum – high powered vacuums suck up the loose dirt and debris.
  • Pre-treat* – we pre-treat the stubborn stains and pet markings.
  • Pre-spray – we pre-spray your carpet with our probiotic cleaner and let them go to work.
  • Scrub – our CRB machine reaches deep into your carpet fibers pulling up years of dirt, dead skin cells, allergens and more.
  • Post-vacuum – just to be extra thorough, we vacuum one last time leaving your carpets looking great.
  • Baseboard cleaning* – to make sure your rooms really sparkle we clean the baseboards too!

Note: this service uses low-moisture-encapsulation cleaning and does not use extractration cleaning, making for super quick dry times. We’re talking less than 30 minutes.

*Depending on package selected.

Our Probiotic Carpet Cleaning is exactly what it sounds like: we scrub your carpet with powerful, dirt-lifting probiotics for a super deep clean only Germz Be Gone can give you.

Why? We believe in achieving the results you want without harming your family’s health in the process. Probiotics work like nothing else in the world to clean and reduce ATP all while contributing to your better health instead of taking away from it. The benefits of probiotics can last for days too!

In addition to probiotics, we use a counter-rotating-brush machine to scrub nearly every inch of your carpet while pulling up dirt, debris, allergens, and germs from the depths of the fibers.

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  • Room = an area 200 sq. ft. or smaller
    Stairs = one room
  • A hallway is defined as a space at least 6 feet long. Anything smaller we include as part of the service at no extra charge. This means do not include small landing areas at the top of steps or right outside a couple bedrooms as a hallway. Those are cleaned complimentary with your service.
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    $100 service minimum applies.
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