Hard Floor Steam Cleaning

Starting At $20

When was the last time you got your floors professionally cleaned in order to rid it of germs and that dingy, soapy film your cleaning ladies leave behind? Choose Germz Be Gone for your hard floor cleaning. From tile to laminate to vinyl, we can steam it all.

Let us steam your floors, then let your bare feet feel the difference.

GTIN: 6425
MPN: 6425
Brand: Germz Be Gone


Our powerful steam blasts away dirt, grime and germs with less water than your conventional mop. Our multi-step process includes the following:

  1. Vacuum with a powerful HEPA Filter vacuum to suck up the crumbs, dust and dirt. We even vacuum the baseboards where there are hard floors.
  2. Steam with high-temp (320 degrees), low-moisture (only 5% water) for a nontoxic deep cleaning. Getting the corners and transition points (you know, where dirt really likes to collect?). Steam also removes biofilm that houses dirt and germs.
  3. Wet mop with probiotics and a microfiber cloth to really make your floor look amazing with up to several days of probiotic protection. That means your floors are still being “healthified” safely, with no chemicals, odors are actively being reduced and your family gets to experience a truly clean floor that even feels different because there are no soapy residues.