Each child-gear cleaning service now includes a nontoxic disinfectant for use against coronavirus! Learn more about what we use here.

Child car seat cleaning and stroller cleaning has never been easier!

Finally, a professional service meant for those filthy items you’ve been meaning to clean.

We use steam and probiotics to naturally sanitize & protect your child from today’s dangerous germs. No harsh, toxic chemicals–-EVER! We also follow manufacturer recommendations to maintain the integrity of safety components. Read more about our cleaning process.

Scheduling your baby gear cleaning service is easy. Simply choose the items to get serviced, select your preferred day and checkout! We’ll confirm your appointment time within a few hours of booking.

Save time in your busy day and care for your family while you’re at it. Have your child’s car seat cleaned today!

Bookmark this page for the next time your little one spits up or has an explosive diaper in their car seat or stroller.

Note: There is a service fee included in the price you pay.

Disclaimer: Please consult your car seat manual before cleaning (professionally or at home), as it may invalidate some manufacturers’ warranties.