We work hard to stay on schedule so timely service happens for all customers, please have your items and areas ready and available for service.

FAQs About Our Disinfecting and Probiotic Services

Is the probiotic treatment safe?

Yes. Our probiotic treatment goes beyond safe–it’s beneficial! Here are some of the benefits:

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Cleans down to the microscopic level to sanitize.
  • Eliminate odors at their source
  • Removes the biofilm that protects germs and traps dirt & contaminants
  • Can work for several days at a time
  • Hospital and University tested and approved
  • Ecologically beneficial and green
  • Safe for all humans, animals, birds, fish and other life forms
  • Nature’s protection from infection

Click here for more information on probiotics and how we use them.

What do you actually clean?

When it comes to car seats, strollers, and other items we clean the straps, buckles, fabric, bases, wheels, undercarriage, canopies, cupholders. Essentially, we go all out to ensure your loved ones are sitting and relaxing in a clean, sanitized seat.

When it comes to sports gear, we go all out again! Helmets, pads, mats, and more get steam treatment for a deep down sanitizing.

For other services, see their description for what we clean. Or, just email us.

What day is service performed?

We try to schedule your service on the day you choose at checkout. A member of our team will confirm your day and time slot via email after you make your purchase.

Do you offer same-day service?

Since some requests come at a moments notice (think explosive diaper), we do offer same-day service for those requests received prior to 11am. Be sure to add it when making your service request.

How long does it take?

Most items can be completely sanitized within one hour. That means: picked up, detailed, sanitized, dried, and returned to your doorstep.

For floor and carpet cleaning and the like, times will vary depending on scope.

Can you pick up my items at an office?

We most certainly can. Especially since your car and child car seat will be sitting in the parking lot all day, there’s no better time for you to get that car seat detailed and sanitized.

What time do you operate?

Your service appointment time depends on a couple things. The main factor being the area of town you are located. Traffic during certain times of day can be hectic. We try to schedule around heavy traffic times to make your time, and ours, more efficient. This helps us keep costs down and prices low.

What time do you return items?

Items are typically serviced on location so you get them back right away.

Can I leave my item(s) outside my door for you to pick up?

Yes–as long as you feel your item(s) will be safeguarded from theft and the elements.

Can you leave my item(s) by my door when you return it?

Just like parcel delivery, we can leave your item(s) at your front door, so please ensure someone is home to bring it inside once dropped off. Please indicate whether we should knock or not (just in case you know who may be sleeping). We are not responsible for any theft or damage after your item is dropped off.

How do you protect my item(s) once cleaned and sanitized?

We wrap your item in such a way as to protect from the elements after our service so it stays protected during transport and delivery.

For carpet cleaning and the like, protection is up to you. The better you care for your home, the less frequently you’ll need us.

Can you install the car seat for me?

Unfortunately, due to insurance restrictions and liability reasons, we do not offer installation of car seats at this time, but check out Safe Kids Clark County for installation tips.

Can you remove the car seat for me?

Yes. Removal is free too.

Do you guarantee stain removal?

Due to varying circumstances beyond our control, we do not guarantee stain or odor removal. Factors like substance, fabric type, length of time on surface, heat, etc. can effect a stain and set it in the fabric. What we can guarantee is we will spend extra time and effort working to get the stains out and that your item will be sanitized.

What is “Potty or Spit Up Treatment”?

When potty or spit up accidents happen, like explosive diapers or hurling vomit, those fluids tend to leak into the most obscure nooks they can find. A simple removal of the fabric to toss in the washing machine won’t suffice; extra time is required to care for things like this. We always go that extra mile to ensure removal of those nasty germs in all items we service, but some conditions are simply more challenging than others when it comes to hitting all the nooks and crannies.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are only allowed in rare circumstances. If you miss your service time, we’ll simply reschedule you for another day. However, if you miss the second service time your service will be considered completed with the purchase price non-refundable.

Not being satisfied with the service you received is not a reason for a refund; however, it is a reason to give us a negative review. We have a reputation to build and maintain, so please rest assured we go all out to provide stellar service and results in order to earn your recommendation and positive rating. Read Our Guarantee for more.