Probiotics for your benefit.

To us, having a truly clean environment doesn't mean using a plethora of toxic chemicals to harm your health. Rather, we take a nontoxic approach and use natural disinfectants and cleaners. What makes us special though is how much we care for your health and use probiotics for a microscopically deep clean.

Read on to learn how probiotics work and the benefits they provide.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are microorganisms that provide a benefit to their host. Much like the probiotics in yogurt, kombucha and other fermented foods, these same bacteria make up the majority of your own immune system and can be found in your gut, on your skin, in the air you breathe--everywhere. Probiotics are your first line of defense against disease and help keep you healthy.

The uses of probiotics.

Probiotics can be consumed in food, beverages and dietary supplements. However, as a cleaning company, we use probiotics to take our clients' environmental hygiene to the next level.

We do this by using probiotics to achieve a deep-down clean leaving surfaces spotless with no residues or films left behind.

We also use probiotics to apply a light fog to cover nearly every inch of your space to reduce ATP and create a super-clean environment.

No matter if you have a home, office, classroom, storefront, restaurant, industrial space, or place of worship you and everyone in it can benefit from our probiotics services.

How probiotics work: No vacancy.

Probiotics work by crowding out germs on surfaces. This makes it so that germs can't live where want to or even eat the food they need to survive. From the germs' perspective, this is a very inhospitable environment so they either die off or move on to find a more friendly place to be.

How probiotics work: No place to eat.

Probiotics compete for similar food sources that germs do. "Nutrients" from sweat, dead skin cells, pet dander, deceased microbes and other organic matter are hard to find for germs with probiotics around. With nothing to eat, germs die.

How probiotics work: It's a numbers game.

Did you know that germs, like bacteria, can communicate with each other? Sinister germs communicate in order to form colonies, transport nutrients, and to determine when to attack and infect a host.

This communication is called "quorum sensing" and it is a complex chemical signaling process that microbes use to communicate and survive.

For germs, quorum sensing is akin to taking a vote. The more germs present to vote, the more likely they vote to attack and infect. Conversely, if less germs are present, the likelihood of a vote to infect is significantly reduced.

Probiotics have the special ability to communicate too! Probiotics can interrupt the quorum sensing of germs so they can't hold their infectious vote or even group together to form colonies.

It's safe to say that with more probiotics around you, your chances or risk of infection go down.

The many benefits of probiotics.

Probiotic use in your environment has many benefits including some really important ones we highlight below:

Easier breathing. Since probiotics eat up a lot of the things your body normally has to fight off, there are less things for you to inhale. The result: easy, clear breathing.

Less allergies. Again, with less allergens floating around, your body has less allergens to react to. 

Long lasting hygiene. Probiotics are living microbes. That means they actively build a more hygienic environment for your to thrive. The benefits of probiotics can last for three to five days.

• Less odors. Probiotics consume microscopic organic matter. The same matter that may rot and cause foul odors is the same matter probiotics love to feast on.

Nontoxic. The probiotics we use are 100% safe for humans, pets, plants and aquatic life. No harsh fumes, fragrances or negative side-effects.