We Clean Car Seats & Strollers With Kid-Safe, Mom-Approved Cleaning Products

Germz Be Gone technicians go through an intense training process, learning to remove stubborn stains and harmful germs to return your child’s gear blinging and smelling fresh, as quickly as possible–without doing harm to the safety components.

Our dry steam vapor blasts away dirt, grime, sticky stuff, stains, germs and more. Since the steam is dry, we won’t oversaturate the fabric or padding which can promote mold growth. And since steam is a neutral cleaner it won’t degrade plastics (buckles and straps) or erode metal (buckles and latches).

We even feature a probiotic cleaner that’s non-toxic, eco-friendly and reduces ATP for days (not minutes). We apply the probiotics to the “high-touch” areas for optimum protection and deodorizing.

When it comes to the toughest stains and odors, we use a powerful eco-friendly, nontoxic enzyme.

One of the best parts, we come to come to you!

With these powers combined…we are the premiere mobile car seat cleaning service and mobile stroller cleaning service in town!

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Our Child Gear Cleaning Service Process

When it comes to car seat cleaning, stroller cleaning or other child gear cleaning, we use the same detailed, efficient, proven method. In addition to providing great customer service, here is what our child gear cleaning process entails:

germz be gone baby gear cleaning process step 1Vacuum

We use high-powered vacuums to remove every last crumb from car seat and stroller fabric and get down to the base to find those hidden goldfish crackers.

germz be gone baby gear cleaning process step 2Sanitize

We get out the steamer, our non-toxic cleaning products and a whole lot of elbow grease to fight germs, bacteria, mold and allergens.

germz be gone baby gear cleaning process step 3Detail

We do a quality check and go back to attack those lingering stains and dirt with an arsenal of special tools to get your gear completely refreshed.

germz be gone baby gear cleaning process step 4Safe Reassembly

We’ll put all the pieces back together just right and you get your items back within minutes.