Awesome Events

Germz Be Gone is available to make your next event an awesome one

  • Preschools and daycare facilities
  • Libraries
  • Shopping centers
  • Office buildings (large & small) and casino resorts
  • Playdates and private parties
  • Condominiums or apartment complexes
  • Festivals
  • Gymns & Dance Studios
  • Dojos

How Does it Work?

If you have at least 10 items or you arrange to fundraise for a school or nonprofit, we waive the event fee ($100) and the event organizer receives a FREE cleaning of a car seat, stroller, or sports helmet and pad combo!

germz be gone baby gear cleaning process step 1 Fill out the form to let us know who you are, the dates you’re looking to schedule your event and the expected number of people using service. All we require is a 12 x 12′ space and an electrical outlet. Please contact us 4 weeks prior to the start of your event. We’ll still work with you on shorter notice.

germz be gone baby gear cleaning process step 2We setup on site ready to service items–adding value to your event. Customers are welcome to watch the magic or enjoy your facilities/activities.


germz be gone baby gear cleaning process step 3Customers pick up their finished items, smiles blossom, less germs are in the world. Life is good!


germz be gone baby gear cleaning process step 4

We pack up and leave the area as clean as we found it.

Buy in Bulk!

Offer our services as a party favor or as an amenity/benefit to your employees, residents or customers. You may choose to pre-purchase services at a discounted rate, depending on the quantity.

Let us customize a program that works for you. Contact us now.