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Home Allergy Relief

germz be gone home allergy relief


Allergy symptom relief is just a click away!

“Cleaning” is to remove soil, dirt, debris from a surface or the air. If you look around your home, do you see soil, dirt or debris sitting on anything? If you do, just know that it’s much worse in areas you can’t see. Perhaps your current cleaner forgot to get that area or they simply never get that area. The lack of thoroughness is contributing to your allergies. Luckily, with Germz Be Gone, allergy symptom relief is right around the corner.

Pro Tip: Most cleaning companies you hire will only clean or wipe things at shoulder height. Depending on the height of the individual, you could be looking at no higher than 5-5 1/2 feet. Be sure to specify the height in whatever agreement you have with them or you may end up disappointed in their results.

The problem is when areas are neglected they become hotbeds for dust and other allergens that will persistently trigger your allergies. Walk through the doorway, and the little bit of wind you create actually disturbs “resting” allergens on the lip of the doors molding, sends them airborne and eventually end up in your respiratory system. A similar concept can be applied to your floors, mattress, sofa and any where else you spend your time. See for yourself: rub a cloth on the top of your door and doorjamb and notice how much dust you knock down (consider it free allergy testing).

Pro Tip: Cleaning companies will not move furniture to dust or vacuum behind or underneath. Sometimes they may have equipment to reach certain areas, but to thoroughly clean an area, the piece will need to be moved. If you want specific areas cleaned, be a good customer and move the furniture yourself. Who knows, you may find that priceless earring, favorite bookmark or remote control if you do. Otherwise, hire Germz Be Gone and we do the heavy cleaning.

At Germz Be Gone we specialize in home allergy relief.

We recommend you enhance your maintenance cleaning every 3 months with our Home Allergy Relief package. This package is designed to coexist with your current cleaning company’s regiment or your own. We perform an extreme dusting and vacuuming of areas that need it most like your sofa and mattress as well as the areas that are hard to get like blinds and ceiling fans.

To finish up, we apply a probiotic mist your home’s air and surfaces. This helps tremendously in providing nontoxic, hypoallergenic sanitizing, deodorizing and allergen removal. What’s more, the probiotics keep working and protecting for several days.

Try our Home Allergy Relief package today! Click here.

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