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If you’re looking for help for your business during the coronavirus pandemic we are here to help! We offer EXTRA deep cleaning for your office, storefront, studio or dojo and more.

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Our child gear cleaning services are nontoxic, thorough and–the best part–mobile. That means we come to you. No running around town and fighting traffic. You don’t even have to be present. Just set your items outside your front door on the day of your appointment and we’ll get to work.

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When it comes to house cleaning, we don’t do “light” or “rotational” cleaning. We do a deep house cleaning each time! That means we bring out the steam to blast away grime, dirt and odors. Plus, we use natural cleaners that have proven effective in house cleaning and won’t harm your health like the toxic chemicals our competition uses.

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A great compliment to our deep house cleaning or as a service by itself, our Probiotic Treatment is a groundbreaking service that you’ll love. With our proprietary blend of probiotics we treat virtually your entire home with germ-fighting-mold-killing-odor-destroying-allergen-reducing micro protectors. Our probiotics can last several days and provide you with benefits just as long. Breathe easier and keep germs at bay with our Probiotic Treatment.

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When your sports gear gets smelly that means there are a ton of germs in it waiting to cause infection. Why take the chance? Our mobile sports gear sanitizing does a great job of eliminating those foul odors and infection-causing germs. After our service you’ll be able to bring your pads in the house again!

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Las Vegas Cleaning Services

Our house cleaning services, baby gear cleaning services, rental cleaning services, commercial office cleaning service, probiotic treatment, coronavirus cleaning and and all other cleaning services are available all around the Las Vegas Valley including Summerlin, Green Valley, North Las Vegas and all points in between. Book your cleaning service now and save time, effort and your health!