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Germ Guardian

Welcome to "Germ Guardian: The Steama Probiotica Adventure!"

🌟 Dive into a world where the stakes are high and the challenge is real! 🌟

Springville is under siege by a relentless wave of germs, and only one hero stands between the city and chaos—Steama Probiotica! Join the epic battle and become a part of this thrilling adventure where every move counts.

Why Play "Germ Guardian"?

1. Three Action-Packed Modes

  • Contain the Germs: Hone your reflexes and catch falling germs to score points. But beware! If a germ hits the ground, it costs Steama precious life. Can you catch them all and keep Steama safe?
  • Steam Blast: Arm Steama with a powerful blast of steam and shoot down the invading germs. Quick thinking and sharp shooting are your best allies. Take down Pathogeno and earn extra points!
  • Battling Biofilm: Enter the most challenging mode where germs form relentless trains and obstacles block your path. Strategy and precision are key to victory. Can you navigate through the biofilm and eliminate the germ threat?

2. Dynamic Gameplay

  • Level Up for More Excitement: With each level, the game becomes more challenging. Germs move faster, Pathogeno becomes more cunning, and the stakes get higher. Are you ready to face the escalating challenge?
  • Randomized Obstacles: Every game offers a new experience with different obstacles and germ patterns. Adapt, strategize, and conquer!

3. Epic Boss Battles

  • Face Pathogeno: The ultimate villain, Pathogeno, flies across the screen, dropping harmful germs. Hit him for extra points but beware of his tricky maneuvers!

4. Heart-Pounding Soundtrack and Effects

  • Immersive Sounds: Enjoy a captivating soundtrack and realistic sound effects that make every catch, blast, and move feel intense and satisfying.

5. Compete for High Scores

  • Set Records: Beat your highest score and challenge friends and family. Who will be the ultimate Germ Guardian?

How to Play?

  • Easy Controls: Use arrow keys or touch to move Steama. In Steam Blast and Battling Biofilm modes, use the spacebar or tap to shoot.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Catch or shoot germs to score points. Avoid letting germs hit the ground or touching Steama in Battling Biofilm mode.


  1. Choose Your Mode: Start with "Contain the Germs" to master the basics, then take on "Steam Blast" for a shooting challenge, and finally, tackle "Battling Biofilm" for the ultimate test of skill.
  2. Start the Adventure: Click 'Start' to begin your journey. Watch for the countdown timer to get ready.
  3. Stay Alive: Keep an eye on your heart meter. Lose all your hearts, and the game is over.
  4. Level Up: Score 100 points to level up and face new challenges.
  5. Aim for High Scores: Keep playing to improve your score and climb the leaderboard.

Ready to Save Springville?

Don’t let Springville fall into the hands of Pathogeno and his army of germs. Your skills and quick reflexes are needed to keep the city safe. Will you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate Germ Guardian?

Start Your Adventure Now!

Hit the 'Start' button and join Steama Probiotica in an epic battle against the germ invasion. Springville is counting on you!

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