Free Disinfectant Fogging For Black-Owned Businesses (Over $400 Value)

I'm glad you decided you to take me up on this incredible offer for FREE Disinfectant Fogging. Disinfectant Fogging services can be pricey and range in price from $400-$1,000. Why so expensive? It's one of the many things you can do to provide over-the-top protection for your colleagues and customers as Las Vegas reopens and gets back to business.
Whether you own a barbershop or salon, restaurant, storefront, law office or gym, you can benefit from this FREE service. There are absolutely no strings attached, no hidden fees. Just a few simple asks to help us grow our company:
  1. Let us place a window cling on the front door or window of your place of business or worship to let the public know you have their health and safety in mind.
  2. Submit a quick google review. No comments required, just a star rating (preferably 5).
  3. Allow us to give you a FREE, no obligation quote for ongoing comprehensive cleaning and disinfectant fogging to help keep up the health and appearance of your space.
If all that sounds great, and is doable to you in exchange for a free disinfectant fogging to protect your staff and customers, just complete the form below and we'll get right back to you to schedule your FREE fogging.
You may ask yourself, "Why would he be doing this?" In all honesty, it's cheaper than paying Facebook or Google for ads that may or may not work, AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I'm interested in improving the health of our people through nontoxic cleaning.

What's Included?

  • One (1) FREE Disinfectant Fogging with an EPA-registered, nontoxic disinfectant for use against coronavirus and more. We fog up everything from walls and ceilings to furniture, fixtures, and floors. Even the air benefits!
  • Sanitizing wipe down of frequently-touched surfaces like handles, keyboards, door knobs, etc.
  • Probiotic fogging to restore the beneficial microflora that disinfectants also destroy.
  • Free fogging is limited to 2,000 square feet or less; however, larger spaces can receive a hefty one-time discount as part of this special at just 10 cents per sq. ft. beyond the 2,000 sq. ft. limit.
Act fast though! There are only 19 spots available for the FREE fogging.
  • The decision maker responsible for hiring cleaning services must be present at time of the fogging.