Donate Your Used Baby Gear Get 50% OFF

Donate One Get One 50% OFF (D.O.G.O.)

I believe in giving back to my community. Most importantly, though, I believe in giving my time and services to help those in need. With Germz Be Gone, one important way I can give back is through my sanitizing services. It does require your help though.

My request of you is to comb through your child’s used baby gear and set them aside for pickup. That’s it! That’s all it takes!

In return you’ll receive a special code to use online for 50% OFF your next service and a little more space in your garage. Who knows…maybe you’ll be able to fit your car in there? (One can dream right?)

After pickup, I clean and sanitize the items, then deliver them to a deserving organization here in the Las Vegas Valley who can distribute those items to local children in need. Organizations like Baby’s Bounty and Sunrise Children’s Foundation and many more can benefit from your efforts.

Fill out the form below to get started:

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Donate Your Used Baby Gear

Below is the list of baby gear you can donate to receive 50% OFF your next service:

  • stroller
  • high chair
  • bouncer
  • blocks & toys & stuffed animals
  • portable crib / pack-n-play / bassinet
  • bathtub with new package of towels or washcloths and baby wash or other hygiene items
  • front carrier
  • diapers – any size – at least a quantity of 150
  • baby wipes – at least a quantity of 500

If you do not live in the Las Vegas area, I’m sure there are local organizations around you that can use your support. Be sure to reach out to them!


Show Support Locally

I highly encourage support of local organizations. Large, national organizations have a profit motive, can be publicly traded, and take resources from your community only to distribute them elsewhere. Whereas local organizations tend to impact your local community directly, distribute goods to those in need in your community, and employ your neighbors which helps keep money circulating in your community.

Shop local. Support local. Stay local. And watch your community thrive.