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Counter-Rotating Brush Machine

When it comes to the latest in cleaning technology, we invest in many different machines and eventually find a few that work better than the others. Such is the case with our latest machine: a counter-rotating brush machine or CRB.

The CRB we have is a Powr-Flite Multiwash. It’s called “multiwash” for a reason. This machine cleans nearly any floor to near perfection.

There are two brushes on our machine that spin the opposite direction–hence the term “counter-rotating”. These brushes spin at about 780 revolutions per minute. Imagine getting on your hands and knees, as is typical, to scrub and gyrate as fast as you can on an entire carpet or in every grout line. Believe me, you won’t come close to 780 rpm and you won’t last but a minute. And remember, there are two brushes on our machine scrubbing that fast (queue Tim Allen voice: “Arrgh..arrgh…arrgh!”).

The CRB also weighs over 50 pounds, providing much needed heft and downward force to make for more efficient cleaning.

There are several different types of brushes that can be attached to the CRB depending on the type of floor. In our case we use it on tile and grout and carpets.

For tile & grout, we slap on the blue stiff bristle brushes and let the machine get to work. You’d be amazed at how much crud the machine scrubs off the tile and how well it digs into the grout lines without damaging the floor. Tile comes out looking like new and the grout lines finally are back to their natural color.

When it comes to carpet, we bring out the black or grey brushes for that–something softer and less abrasive than the blue. The machine acts as a skilled archeologist in its performance, pulling up old hair, dead skin cells, dust mites and allergens that have been buried deep in your carpet pile for months, if not years.

Our CRB actually picks up the dirt it comes across thanks to its big rotating rubber drum that collects then deposits dirt, hair and other nasty stuff into a tray so you can see what it’s pulling up. The murky, creamed-coffee water will absolutely make you wonder why it took so long to call us in the first place.

If you’re interested in seeing our new CRB in action, simply choose our Probiotic Carpet Scrubbing or Nontoxic Tile & Grout Cleaning and we’ll be happy to provide you with the healthy results we’re known for.