Unique Fundraiser with Germz Be Gone

Unique Fundraiser Opportunity with Germz Be Gone

What is a Germz Be Gone (GBG) fundraiser?

Looking for a fundraiser for your organization? We believe in giving back to the community and are excited to help local organizations like yours raise money for their causes. Our unique fundraisers are easy to get started and provide great benefits for all participants like:

  • reducing infection risk in baby gear and sports gear
  • Up to 20% of all proceeds from the fundraiser go directly to your 501c organization or nonprofit
  • great deals and special offers for those invited to participate
  • additional marketing resources for your organization as we’ll help spread awareness too!

Here’s How Your Fundraiser Would Work

We will collaboratively come up with a date range for your fundraiser and put it on our calendars. GBG will design a flyer for you to distribute to your network of supporters. The flyer can also contain a specific code to be redeemed online for discounts and for your organization to get credit for the purchase.

That’s right! We can go a couple different routes: on-site at a location you host or we can integrate participants into our everyday operations–all they have to do is go online to request service and use the code provided for your fundraiser.

Shortly after the fundraiser ends, we cut your organization a check for 20% of the proceeds from your fundraiser.

4 Simple Steps For a Great Fundraiser

  • Complete and submit your W-9 and registration. This is how we get you paid as soon as possible. You can complete the fundraising registration here.
  • Plan ahead. Try to plan at least 30 days in advance to allow for more exposure of the fundraiser. Only have a week or two? No problem, we do our best to accommodate all requests, but the more exposure, the more successful the event.
  • Get your pre-designed flyer from GBG and spread the word. The more people invited and who take advantage of the event offers, the more successful the fundraiser will be. Posting online, on a school event board, in student lockers/cubbies, and announcing events over the PA system, in a team huddle, or amongst friends and officemates are great ways to get the word out.
  • Friendly competition helps. Have a friendly competition amongst classes, teams or groups. The group which raises the most money receives a prize at the end.

Remember the more people participating, the more money your organization makes.

Helpful highlights:

  • A check for 20% of the sales from the fundraiser (excluding tax, gratuity, gift card and retail purchases) will be available to your organization within 14 days of the last day of your event.
  • Do not leave flyers in public areas (e.g. public restrooms, parked cars, or other prohibited areas), however, please provide to supporters of your organization.
  • No additional promotional materials may be created with the Germz Be Gone logo or likeness without the express written consent of Germz Be Gone management.
  • Germz Be Gone is under no obligation to approve application for fundraising.

Want to try our services first, start sanitizing your baby gear or sports gear with Germz Be Gone.