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6 Fun Ideas For Family Game Night

puzzle pieces for family game night
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Spend Quality Time With A Family Game Night

You don’t have to be a family therapist to know the importance of spending time with family–especially if you have young children. One fantastic way to have fun and spend quality time with your kids is to have regular family game nights. Not only can family game night strengthen bonds, build trust and bring great laughs and memories, but families can learn a lot about each member. From how your child’s day was to an issue Mom may be managing at work, conversation sparks an opportunity to learn more about each other and can even teach your kids how to handle what life throws at them. For next time, here are 9 ideas for family game night to help make your precious time with your kids more quality.

Family Game Night Games

Charades – A classic game where all ages can participate. The sillier, the better in this family night game. You can get some ideas to act out here. 

Puzzles – If you’re looking for something more relaxing a puzzle may be it. Not only can each member contribute, but finishing a puzzle as a family helps give your family a sense of accomplishment together. Teamwork makes the dream work! I have always liked the work done by Thomas Kinkade. Those puzzles are challenging and the artwork is enchanting. Here are some of my family’s other favorite puzzles.

YouTube – Today’s kids love technology and TV.  Why not include something like YouTube to bring your family together? In my household, we like to watch old music videos and give little history lessons of what was going on back then in our lives and around the world. Although it may seem like reminiscing, mom and dad telling stories is better than what’s on the tube. Plus you can always try out the latest dance moves and flex your floss dance.

Arts & Crafts – You don’t have to be good at making crafts or other artwork. You just need a few supplies and a good attitude. I know my kids often make better art than I ever could, but watching them create and problem solve brings a smile to my face. To spruce up the occasion, we sometimes go to a park and draw or paint what we see in nature.

Minute To Win It Games – You’ve probably seen the TV show, but you can easily make your own minute-to-win-it style games right at home. Games like “Cookie Face” are sure to get many laughs. Take your favorite cookie or cracker. Place it on your forehead and, without using your hands, wriggle it down to your mouth so you can eat it. Have someone record each contestant in slow motion on a smartphone and you’ll have laughs for years to come.

Board Games – Good ol’ fashioned board games never go out of style. There are some really fun new board games out there too, so be sure to check them out. Madlibs tends to be one of my kids’ favorite games. Coming up with fun, creative things to say helps build your child’s vocabulary while bringing a joyful experience to the night.

The Key To A Great Family Game Night

No matter the game or activity, be sure to have fun, have a good attitude and let the good times roll. And remember: your kids are only this age once (so are you); enjoy every experience while you can!