Barbershop & Salon Disinfecting Package

Let us spruce up the look and feel of your barbershop or hair salon while improving its hygiene. This package starts with weekly fogging and monthly deep cleaning.

You and your clients are sure to notice the positive impact only our services can provide.

build confidence

What better way to help your clients feel confident walking into your shop and welcoming them back than with a regularly disinfected and deep cleaned parlor you can be proud of and advertise?

Protect your livelihood

With more people in and out of your shop wouldn't you want to reduce the risk of germs around you on a regular basis? What happens if you get sick? Who's going to cut your clients' hair? Protect your livelihood and sign up for our barbershop and salon package today!

Nontoxic services included for your shop.

Our specialized cleaning programs for barbershops and hair salons include the following great services:

→ Weekly Fogging - we come through once per week and treat your entire space with disinfectant and probiotics. Disinfectant to destroy germs and allergens. Probiotics to provide several days of hygiene to reduce your risk of infection.

Monthly Deep Cleaning - once per month we go HAM in your shop to keep it looking and feeling its best. The monthly deep cleaning includes:

• Steaming of your chairs.

• Wipe down of mirrors, shelving and exterior cabinets and drawers.

• Cleaning of hair wash stations.

• Restroom cleaning.

• Steaming of lounge/lobby furniture.

• Wipe down of reception area.

• Wash both sides of entry door glass.

• Vacuum, steam and mop floor.

Before you book: what to expect.

Once you book our barbershop and salon disinfecting package, here’s what will happen:

1. You will receive confirmation by email or text to shore up a day and time.

2. At your appointment, a team of highly-trained, customer-service-oriented Germz Be Gone cleaning technicians (or an individual for smaller projects) will show up with friendly smiles and attitudes ready to get to work.

3. Before our crew begins the magic, feel free to walk us through and point out any pet peeves or areas you want us to pay extra attention to. Otherwise, we’ll do what we normally do and scrub, polish, wipe, steam and deep clean for a healthier parlour.

4. Presto! Your shop will FEEL great, look amazing all without toxic, harsh chemicals.

Starting at just $599 per month book today!