Nontoxic Disinfecting Services for Coronavirus & More.

We specialize in providing you with quality, convenient disinfecting services for wherever you live, work, play and worship. We use the latest tech and proven nontoxic solutions to achieve stellar, healthy results.

So if you're looking for a disinfecting service who does what they say they are going to  do, shows up on time and is easy to communicate with--you've come to the right place!


The key to better hygiene for your space is our disinfectant fogging service. We use EPA-registered (List "N"), nontoxic, botanical disinfectants for use against coronavirus, norovirus, staph, fungi and more. Disinfects soft surfaces and eliminates 99.9% of most allergens upon contact. The beauty...our disinfectant fogging service is nontoxic so it won't harm your health in the process.


Our mobile child gear cleaning services make it super easy for you to get your child's car seats & strollers and more cleaned, detailed and sanitized from the comfort of your own home. Our nontoxic process uses steam and baby-safeseat-safe cleaners.


Steam comes standard in our specialized nontoxic deep cleaning for your next move in or move out, presale or "just because" cleaning. Add our tile & grout cleaning to really spruce up your space. We also offer low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning for a deep, quick-drying clean.

What We Know

Toxic cleaning chemicals are hazardous to your health; and in some ways, even worse than the germs they were meant to kill. For instance, toxic chemicals in household cleaners are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air. Couple that with the fact that you may spend 90% of your time indoors and you can see why our nontoxic cleaning and disinfecting services are much needed.

What We Do About It

Rather than subject you, your family and colleagues to harmful chemicals, we ensure the stellar results we deliver are healthy too!

You see, we believe that proven, powerful, natural, nontoxic means and methods can achieve exactly what you're looking for without placing your health at risk. We use tried-and-true methods like steam and elbow grease as  well as modern science and equipment in the form of probiotic fogging and HEPA filter vacuums.

What You Can do

First, believe you deserve better. Better than toxic, ineffective cleaning chemicals. Better than what traditional cleaning services provide.

Next, after the self-affirmations, browse our nontoxic services or read more about what makes us different from our competition. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

We focus on your health. The results come naturally!


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We are not your typical cleaning company! From sanitizing our equipment after each appointment to our nontoxic philosophy, learn what makes us the go to cleaning service for people who take cleaning and service seriously.


We strive to earn your recommendation. That means we go all out to ensure a pleasurable experience that gets you the healthy results you're looking for. If you're not satisfied with the service you received--for any reason--we'll clean the area or item again for FREE!